Creative Ways To Fold Money

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Check out the incredible handiwork of Marc Sky (a.k.a. “the dollar artist”).

I’ve never seen so many cool creations made out of dollar bills!

There are lots of fun things you can do with dollar bills — including how to fold money into creative shapes and messages.

For example, here are 5 creative ways to leave a tip.

here are some really cool ideas if you're into folding money

But “the Dollar Artist” takes the cake when it comes to true craftsmanship with dollar bills!

Marc Sky is the most talented money folder that I’ve ever seen.

Some of the funny money that Marc Sky has created:
puppy dogs kitty cats crocodiles peacocks
turtles dinosaurs ducks pandas
gorillas butterflies swans pigs
fish birds cats bunnies
frogs anteaters Harry Potter teapots
stingrays Abraham Lincoln seahorses crabs
UFO aliens squirrels scorpions snakes
cuff links bulls walruses ghosts
mermaids flamingos seals witches
hippos parrots hearts Tony Soprano
kangaroos Darth Vader Yoda mice
beavers bats dolphins mummies
Batman dragons Buddha Shrek
Homer Simpson elephants whales seagulls
rings owls teddy bears angels
a paperclip container lips of a kiss …and more!


See for yourself… Have a look at Marc Sky’s amazing folded money creations.

There’s even an iPhone app called Money Origami — so you can do fun money folds when you’re out & about!


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