Should You Buy The Optional Extended Warranty On Electronics, Appliances, Etc? (My Experience + What The Experts Say)

When you buy electronics, appliances, and other household items, should you buy the optional extended warranty (like a Master Protection Agreement from Sears)… or not? We’ve got the facts, plus some personal experience that might help you decide. See how Sears handles the preventive maintenance check (or cleaning) on their digital cameras. Find out when it makes sense to buy the service warranty — and when it doesn’t!

Black Friday Computer Specials …$299 Laptops And $199 Desktops!

A lot of people ask us for computer advice… Good news. Black Friday sales are upon us, and where else can you find brand new laptops from $299 to $799 and full-size desktop computers ranging from $199 to $699 outside of Black Friday sales events?! Here are the best deals to be found on computers at sales events taking place on the day after Thanksgiving — November 23, 2007.