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The Best Day Of The Week To Do Everything (…If You Want To Save Money & Time)

Here are the best days of the week to do things - if you want to save time and money

Interested in saving some money? What about saving time?

Believe it or not, you can actually save a lot of money (and time) — and make your life easier — simply by doing common, everyday things on certain days of the week.

Here’s how to choose the best day to do everything under the sun!

BONUS: The timing of your personal activities may even affect your well-being!

The Best Day Of The Week

For going to a theme park…

Tuesday and Thursday are the best days to go to an amusement park or theme park — because the crowds are smaller (though Disney has a few exceptions to that rule).

In general, the best days of the week to go to any theme park (especially one as busy as the Magic Kingdom) are Tuesdays and Thursdays. These mid-week days avoid the weekend crowds as well as long weekend vacationers … Many inexperienced guests assume that Wednesday, the very middle of the week, would be the best day. But the “secret” of that day is not as secret as many guests believe, and Wednesdays can frequently be just as crowded as weekend days. 

~ Source

Disney has a crowd chart — so you can see when to hit the parks, based on the wait times for rides every day of the year. Pretty cool, right?

For buying airline tickets…

Wednesday is the best day to buy airline tickets (specifically, from midnight to 1AM in the timezone of the airline’s home base / headquarters) — because the prices are the lowest then.

Airfare sales tend to occur early in the week. Not always, but usually. And increases tend to occur at the end of the week. Same caveat. Now, it is true that the busiest shopping day of the week for airfare is Tuesday, but there is no evidence that Tuesday is the cheapest day to buy.

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For booking a hotel room…

Sunday is the best day to make hotel reservations — especially for same-day bookings.

The best day to book is on Sunday. Including a Sunday night stay on a trip is a sure way to bring the overall cost down from trips that don’t include it. You can maximize the savings by traveling on Sundays, and booking 3 to 4 weeks before your trip can save you cash too.

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For moving…

Monday through Thursday are the best days to move — because you will save the most money.

The best time to rent a moving truck is Monday through Thursday (at least a week from the 1st or the 15th of the month) in the spring. Just watch the weather to avoid spring storms.

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For hiring a new employee…

Monday through Wednesday are the best days of the week to post a job ad — because job candidates are most likely to be actively searching for jobs earlier in the week and more likely to respond to job ads.

Monday is the most popular day to view and apply to jobs on the Linkedin platform. Is this because employees become sullen upon returning to the office after their weekend? Tuesday and Wednesday also over-index in terms of job views with a progressive drop off from Thursday through to Saturday.

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For firing an employee…

Friday is the best day to fire an employee. Just keep in mind that if you terminate an employee on a Tuesday or a Wednesday instead, you’d be doing them a favor by giving them a few days to start a job search for the following week.

The middle of the week (Tuesday through Thursday) is good because an employee can utilize the rest of the business week to immediately get their job search back on track. Friday is the least conspicuous day to fire someone. It also allows the weekend for things to settle down and provides a few days so that everyone can gain some perspective. If you worry about an angry employee who might cause problems, Friday might be ideal.

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For finding a new job…

Tuesday is the best day to find a job (…and to accept a new job offer) — because that’s the day most companies post new jobs and extend offers to potential employees.

Mondays can be difficult for hiring managers because they’re trying to get caught up after the weekend. It’s a busy day that tends to get away from people before they have a chance to extend offers. By Tuesday they can focus on extending job offers.

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For scheduling an interview…

Tuesday (morning) is the best day for a job interview (especially around 10:30 am) — because that is widely known to be the best time to give any type of presentation.

Schedule your interviews from Tuesday to Thursday. To ensure you have the hiring manager’s full attention, avoid attending interviews on a Monday or Friday.

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For food shopping…

Wednesday is the best day to shop for groceries — because that’s the day most store ads come out and the shelves are fully stocked.

While Sundays have traditionally been a good day to buy groceries, stores also put out their weekly discount and coupon programs on Wednesdays. Plus, chances are the grocery store won’t be as crowded on a Wednesday as it is on a weekend when most people are off of work.

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Wondering what is the best day of the week to buy bread? For the freshest bread, use this cheat sheet to check the color-coded bread tags!

For holiday shopping…

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) is the best day to score big deals on holiday gifts — even though the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), the day after Christmas, and New Year’s Day have traditionally been viewed as the best shopping days of the year.

For the past few years, retailers including Walmart and Target had fewer deals on Black Friday than they did either the day before Black Friday (Thanksgiving Day) or the following Monday (Cyber Monday).

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For traveling by plane…

The Best Place To Be Today book - 365 things to do and the perfect day to do them!

Wednesday is the best day to fly — because the planes and airports are less crowded (especially between 5am and 8am) and airfare is cheaper on Wednesdays.

Wednesday has consecutively ranked as the best day of the week to travel since the beginning of 2013 … While the results show that Wednesday is the day with the highest traveller satisfaction, mid-weekdays are also known to be the cheapest days to travel, since they are least popular.

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For selling things online…

Monday is the best day to sell things online — because many people ease themselves back into the work week by indulging in some online shopping and finishing up errands they couldn’t get to on the weekend.

If you haven’t looked into these trends before, you might be surprised to know that Monday is the best day for online sales. In fact, it has been the case since at least 2012, and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

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For ending an eBay auction…

Sunday is the best day to end your eBay auction — because all eBay categories across the board (Antiques, Arts, Collectibles, Books, Movies, Music, Computers, Electronics, Business Equipment, Clothing, Accessories, Real Estate, and Travel) have consistently seen increased sales on Sundays.

Sunday evening is the absolute highest time of bidding activity on eBay. Maximize your auction by planning it to end at about 11 pm eastern standard time on Sunday.

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For buying electronics online…

Monday is the best day to buy computers, electronics, TVs, cameras, and video games online — because many electronics manufacturers apply their discounts and rebates on Mondays.

For example, Samsung may put out a $50 rebate to retailers first thing Monday morning for all Samsung HDTVs. In turn, retailers immediately lower their price on all Samsung HDTVs by $50. Monday’s price drop also reflects a rise in consumer demand. On Mondays, consumers are back in front of their computers with a big screen and a fast Internet connection. They may have spent some of the weekend browsing computers, TVs, etc. in store. Then on Monday they look to the Internet for the best price.

~ Source

For starting a diet…

Monday is the best day to start a diet — because Monday is seen as a “reset” button kind of day, which gives you greater motivation to tackle your goals at the start of the week.

Mondays are a good day (a great day!) to start a diet, according to research from the University of Pennsylvania and Washington University in St. Louis and another study from Cornell … It’s a “temporal landmark,” a point in time viewed as a “fresh start.” 

~ Source

For weighing yourself…

Wednesday is the best day to weigh yourself — because you’ll get the most accurate reading and it happens to be the day when people weigh the least each week.

We usually weigh the most on Sunday nights. Spent by work and other responsibilities, we weigh the least on Friday mornings. So you should weigh yourself in the middle of the week for the most precise and consistent reading.

~ Source

For asking for a raise…

Thursday is the best day to do these things...

Thursday is the best day of the week to ask for a raise (and the earlier in the day, the better) — because people are the most open to negotiation and compromise, in their quest to finish work before the week is out.

On Thursdays, everyone is open to negotiation and compromise because they want to wrap up the work week in a relaxing manner … Thursday afternoon is magic time. It’s the big sigh of relief everyone gives after surmounting hump day. 

~ Source

For calling in sick at work…

Tuesday is the best day to take off work — because your boss is most likely to believe your excuse.

Tuesday is the best day of the week as it’s such a non-day. Mondays and Fridays may evoke suspicion on account of being next to the weekend. Wednesday is mid-week, when you’re tired. Thursday is a safe bet, but Tuesday is best… The best time to phone your boss is 6.38am on a Tuesday.

~ Source

For buying a house…

Monday is the best day to buy a house — because homeowners who are selling their homes are probably not getting a lot of other offers early in the week. So chances are, they’ll quickly entertain your offer.

Monday is the best day of the week to close a deal with an average discount of 2.3%. Thursday was the worst with prices averaging 1% below market value. RealtyTrac also found that the best day out of the entire year to buy a home was October 8 — with an average discount of 10.8%. The worst day of the year was January 19 — with an average 9.5% increase over market value. Moral of the story: if you want a good deal on a house, wait until the next October 8 that falls on a Monday.

~ Source

For selling a house…

Wednesday is the best day to list your house if you want the most money. But Thursday is the best day to list it if you want to sell your house in the fastest time (which, by the way, is the day that agents typically list homes for sale).

Possible explanations include that agents who list on Wednesdays tend to be better at pricing strategically to command the best price, or that in this fast-paced, low-inventory market, there’s simply a sweet spot for garnering the maximum sense of urgency and competition among eager homebuyers. Another theory is that the advantage of Wednesday and Thursday simply correlates to buyers’ house hunting schedules.

~ Source

For locking a mortgage rate…

Monday is the best day to lock a mortgage rate — even though Friday is the most popular day to do so. If you’re locking a loan near a national holiday, then you want to lock when the market trading is most liquid (which is in the morning of the day before the early close).

Mortgage rates are most stable on Mondays, making that day the easiest on which to lock a low rate. By contrast, rates are most skittish on Wednesdays, meaning that mid-week is a time when rates could drop while you shop — or they could spike, costing you some cash.

~ Source

For buying a car…

Wednesday is the best day to buy a car year round. However, you’ll get the best deal if you buy a car on the last day or second to last day of the month — especially in the months of September, October, and November.

Of the 30 days in the month, traditionally, the last 5 days are when the dealers have the greatest incentive to make a deal. This is because some car makers offer bonuses that increase when dealers hit certain sales numbers. Dealers know they can take a loss on that vehicle because they know they’ll get the bonus for hitting their quotas. 

~ Source

For filling up your gas tank…

Monday is the best day to get gas — because gas prices are lowest early in the week and they get progressively higher later in the week.

GasBuddy analyzed 3 years worth of fuel price data and found that Monday offers the lowest average, making it the best day to fill the tank. Thursday is the worst day to buy gas — having the most expensive average. 

~ Source

For launching a new product…

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Tuesday is the best day to go “live” with a new product or version, if you want the most publicity. It’s also the best day to send press releases and launch a social media campaign — because audience engagement is higher on Tuesdays.

The best day of the week is Tuesday. Monday is too soon after the weekend and people are still getting settled into work. Wednesday and after is getting too close to the next weekend and you won’t be able to maintain the momentum very well through the weekend. Remember, the first few days after the actual launch day are just as, if not more, important than the launch day itself. In a lot of launches you will make more sales over the next few days than you will on the launch day — so keep that in mind and schedule things accordingly.

~ Source

For having a car wash fundraiser…

Saturday is the best day to have a car wash — because most people run errands and have a little more “free” time on Saturday.

Saturdays work best for car washes as many people are on the road without the time constraints of daily commutes … Schedule the event to take place from 9am or 10am til 2pm or 3pm.

~ Source

For doing laundry at a laundromat…

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to do laundry at a laundromat– because those are the least busy days, while people are working. However, Friday is the best day for college students to do laundry (specifically, Friday morning between 10am and 11am) — because you’re most likely to find open machines then.

For doing laundry at home…

Monday is the day that busy moms typically choose for their “biggest” laundry day — because dirty clothes tend to pile up quickly after a weekend.

Monday is our laundry day. So before I go to bed on Sunday night, I start my first load — just to get a head start on Monday morning. This is not necessary to make it work, but it just makes it a little easier for me. So… keep your wardrobes from getting out of hand, and devote a day to doing laundry once a week. Then you can completely forget about the laundry room for the entire rest of the week!


For having a yard sale or garage sale…

Saturday is the best day to have a garage sale or a yard sale — because bargain hunters “expect” to find lots of sales on that day.

Generally, most garage sales are held on a Saturday — with serious buyers on the prowl first thing in the morning ready to buy. This is good and recommended if you are new to garage sales. But then everyone else is having their garage sale on Saturday too — so competition to attract buyers is fierce. An alternative for experienced garage salers is to have it on a weekday, when serious garage sale customers are free to find bargains.

~ Source

For hosting a children’s birthday party…

Saturday is usually the best day to host kids birthday parties — because it tends to be a more relaxed family day (over a Sunday due to church and preparing for the return to school on Monday).

Having kids parties (ages 1 to 8) at 10 a.m. means that your young kids and their friends aren’t waiting anxiously all day for the party to start. Plus, a party that wraps up around noon means that the rest of our Saturday or Sunday afternoon can include a nap or other family fun. 

~ Source

For scheduling surgery…

Monday is the best day to have surgery — because the risk of complications is much less.

The risk of death after undergoing non-emergency surgery is lowest on Monday (1%), and goes up every day of the week thereafter. People who have surgery on Friday are 44% more likely to die than those who have it on Monday (the rate increases from 1% to 1.44%). The news is still worse for the small number of people who have surgery on the weekends — when the risk of death from complications rises 82% compared to Monday (the rate increases to 1.82%).

~ Source

For sending email…

Tuesday is the best day to send email — because people tend to read and engage via email the most on Tuesdays.

Tuesday to Thursday are traditionally seen as getting the best response in B2B. It perhaps reflects Monday/Friday being meeting days. Tuesday is usually peak day for web traffic.

~ Source

For getting married…

Wednesday is the best day of all to get married — if you’re superstitious and believe traditional folklore. But the truth is a weekday wedding would be cheaper!

A lot of couples tend to get married on a Saturday, for obvious reasons, but those of you who are superstitious may reconsider with these on the day meanings: Monday – for wealth. Tuesday – for health. Wednesday – for the best day of all. Thursday – for losses. Friday – for crosses. Saturday – for no luck at all. Also the Romans believed that if you marry in the month of June your marriage will be blessed by Juno, the Queen of the gods and protector of married life. So, if you want to be a happy marriage, get married on a Wednesday in June.

~ Source

For having a funeral…

Monday through Thursday are the best days to hold a funeral if money is an issue — because a weekend funeral could cost 3 times the weekday morning rate.

If money is a concern, avoid weekend services and maybe consider an early morning service (around 9am) during the week, which can be somewhat cheaper. You could then hold a midday wake with light lunch snacks. It also gives people the option to take a half day off work.

~ Source

For buying clothes…

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Thursday (evening) is the best day to buy new clothes — because large retailers tend to discount their clothing on Thursday as they start rolling out their weekend sales.

Bricks-and-mortar and online retailers alike tend to start their big weekend sales on Thursdays. Shoppers digging for deals will find the most offers that day. They’re also more likely to get their hands on the sale item because retailers beef up stock to prepare for the weekend rush.

~ Source

For buying stocks…

Monday is the best day to buy stocks — because of the historical trend of increased investor pessimism on Saturday and Sunday.

It’s called the Monday Effect. For decades, the stock market has had a tendency to drop on Mondays, on average. Some have attributed this to a large amount of bad news that is often released over the weekend. Others point to investors’ gloomy mood at having to go back to work, which is especially evident during the early hours of Monday trading.

~ Source

For selling stocks…

Friday is the best day to sell stocks — because Fridays tend to be the most volatile day on the stock market.

Friday is the best day to sell stock – before prices dip on Monday. If you’re interested in short selling, then Friday is the best day to take a short position (because stocks tend to be priced higher on a Friday), and Monday is the best week day to cover your short. In the U.S., Fridays that are on the eve of 3-day weekends are especially good.

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More Tips For Choosing The Best Day To Do Things

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