The Best Day Of The Week To Do Everything (…If You Want To Save Money & Time)

What is the best day to laundry? Go to a theme park? Weigh yourself? Find a job? Buy a house? Here you will see the best day of the week to do practically everything — from shopping and buying things to selling and starting things. Before you tackle your next big activity, start here to see the best day to do it!

How To Make Money As A Student: 10 Easy Ways To Make Money In College & Save Money Too!

Like you, I’ve been a college student and I know just how tight money can get. When you’re focusing on grades, you don’t always have a lot of free time to make money in college. If you need extra cash, there are simple things students can do to save money and earn money too. Here’s how to make money in college without sacrificing your study time!

Costco vs Sam’s Club… Which Is Best? My Review + Money Saving Secrets For Shopping At Costco!

We chose not to renew our Sam’s Club membership. But in a strange twist of fate, we found ourselves dues-paying members of Costco for the first time ever. Which is better — Sam’s or Costco? Here’s our review. Plus secret hacks for shopping at Costco, my new favorite store!

A Fun Magazine Swap… You Never Know Where You Might Find One!

Here are lots of fun ways you to start a magazine swap, including making a magazine swap part of your next party or social meeting. Then again, you could always just swap with a neighbor… it’s a great way to recycle magazines. There are definitely lots of fun ways to start a magazine swap!