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Folding Money 101: Creative Ways To Fold Money Using $1 Dollar Bills


After checking out the incredible handiwork of Marc Sky (a.k.a. “the dollar artist”), I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many cool creations made out of dollar bills!

I’ll get to examples of Marc’s work in a minute…

DIY Money Origami Ideas

Turns out, there are lots of fun things you can do with dollar bills.

You can even fold money into creative shapes and make unique personal messages. All with just a few $1 dollar bills. It’s called money origami (or “moneygami”).

For example…

Here are 23 creative ways to leave a tipseveral of them are cash tips in the form of folded money origami.

…How cool is that?!

And here’s how to fold a dollar bill into a ring that you (or someone else) can wear on a finger.

…Seems like a fun idea for a date night, right?!

Marc Sky Money Origami Examples

But “the dollar artist” takes the cake when it comes to true craftsmanship with dollar bills.

Marc Sky is the most talented money folder that I’ve ever seen.

In fact, he calls himself a “money sculptor” who folds and sculpts dollar bills for a living.

Some of the funny money that Marc Sky has created:
puppy dogskitty catscrocodilespeacocks
frogsanteatersHarry Potterteapots
stingraysAbraham Lincolnseahorsescrabs
UFO alienssquirrelsscorpionssnakes
cuff linksbullswalrusesghosts
hipposparrotsheartsTony Soprano
kangaroosDarth VaderYodamice
Homer Simpsonelephantswhalesseagulls
ringsowlsteddy bearsangels
a paperclip containerlips of a kiss…and more!

See for yourself…

Have a look at Marc Sky’s amazing origami money creations.

Here is Marc Sky’s publishing site — where he sells his books showing you how to make many of the origami money shapes listed above.

Now It’s Your Turn… Try Your Hand At Folding Money

Here are 35+ origami money tutorials that I’ve hand-picked — for both, their cool factor AND for how easy they are to make.

First, you can see step-by-step how to fold money into fun shapes yourself.

Then, you can give away your folded money as gifts OR as cash tips!

There’s also an iPhone app called Money Origami and an Android app called Origami Money — so you can do fun money folds when you’re out & about!

Want to start with an easy one? This DIY butterfly bookmark origami is made from a single dollar bill: