How To Fold Dollar Bills Into Fun Shapes & Faces For Restaurant Tips And Money Gifts

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A lot of people have been looking for ways to fold money.

origami money

This subject has always intrigued me too.

The closest I ever came to folding money into creative shapes was in high school when we used to fold dollar bills into the shape of triangles (we didn’t know how to fold paper footballs). Then we would try to flip our dollar triangles through fake field goals.

Folded money (aka origami money) is a great idea if you’re giving money as a gift. It’s also a really fun way to leave a tip!

Anyway, here are some cool ways to turn your dollar bills into creative shapes

Origami Money: How To Fold Dollar Bills

Here’s my latest find:

And an old favorite:

Now, just for fun, check out these money folding tips:


How To Fold Money Into Specific Shapesthe-buck-book.jpg

Fun Ways To Give The Gift Of Money


Origami money is also a really cool way to gift money without the need for money envelopes or bulky cards.

Here are some typical celebratory events where you can give the gift of cash — by folding it — origami money style: