My Disney Cruise Tips: 31 Time & Money Saving Tips We Learned Firsthand On Our Disney Dream Cruise To The Bahamas

I’ve created this list of 60 helpful tips (31 main tips + 29 bonus tips!)… things you’ll definitely want to know before you go on a Disney cruise. My Disney cruise tips reflect my honest feelings & experiences on board the Disney Dream cruise ship. Plus, my own clever cruise hacks that I plan to use on our next trip with Disney Cruise line.

LED Light Bulbs: A Comparison Of How Much LED Bulbs Cost vs. LED Light Bulb Savings

There is one super simple way to reduce the amount of money you throw away on your electricity bill every month… switch out your incandescent light bulbs for LED light bulbs. You’ll not only recoup the cost of the LED light bulb you bought, but you’ll also save hundreds — maybe even thousands — of dollars on your monthly electricity bills! Here’s how…

Facebook Buy Sell Trade: Here’s How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace And Get The Most Money For Your Items

I made $300+ in 3 days selling a handful of items on Facebook Marketplace… $700 in 2 weeks — and you can too! See what sells best, which items bring the most money, and how to post your first item on Facebook Buy Sell Trade groups.