How To Send AND Receive Faxes… For FREE From Your Computer!

Chances are, you’ll want to send — or receive — a fax or two this year. Right? But you probably don’t do enough faxing to justify buying a fax machine and hooking up a separate fax line. Here’s how you can SEND and RECEIVE faxes online for FREE. Yep, you can send a free fax now!

Did You Know You Can Get Paid For Market Research? Here’s How To Find Focus Groups To Participate In

Looking for extra money? It really IS possible to get paid for market research by participating in focus groups. I’ve done my research and there are lots of ways to get involved in market research studies. You can participate online OR in person. I have some tips to help you decide if participating in focus groups — for money — makes sense when you’re looking for extra cash. Plus how to find focus groups, and which ones are the best.