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3 Secrets

Of all the online shopping sites, my all-time favorite is Amazon.

Here are some awesome money saving Amazon tips.

Why? Because they have virtually everything under the sun. And, while I don’t download mp3’s, I’m told even their online music service is worth its weight in gold.

Overall, I think they’ve got the best selection… the best reviews… and the best prices!

Anyway, here’s how to get the most from your shopping experience…


#1 A Fun Way To Get Free Shipping!

Sure, you’ve seen the blurbs on Amazon about their “Super Saver shipping”. Right? But the minimum order for free shipping is $25, and there will probably be (many) times when your order doesn’t quite amount to that much.

Here’s what you do:

Check out the Amazon Filler Item Finder! Enter the amount you’re short and the site searches Amazon for items that match that price so you don’t have to spend more than you need to.

It’s an easy way to find products you actually want or need… And they’re priced at the exact amount you need to make your total equal $25, so you get the free shipping! Awesome, right?

To be honest, the results aren’t pretty — it’s just one long list of item names, next to the price. Plus, at those incredibly low price points, there are relatively few products per category in say, the $4.99 price range. But it’s definitely worth a try. I can’t think of a better way to find exactly what you want at exactly the price you you’re willing to pay so your order gets the free shipping.

TIP: I think it’s easier when you narrow the search by selecting only one (1) of the Amazon categories at a time. But that’s just me.


#2 Turn Spare Change Into Amazon Dollars!

I wrote about this awhile ago… how to use Coinstar to trade in your loose change and get online shopping gift certificates at in return.

The best part: If you choose to receive an gift certificate (instead of cash) at the Coinstar machine, then you don’t have to pay that 8.9% processing fee for Coinstar to process your coins. So you get, penny for penny, a gift certificate in the exact amount of the change you fed into the machine. That’s pretty cool.


#3 Use Amazon To Compare Prices On The Fly!

The mobile version of makes it a breeze to check prices when you’re out & about. That way, it’s easy to comparison shop at your favorite stores.

I use the Amazon app to check prices (and reviews) when I’m out & about all the time.