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Store Brand vs Name Brand Products – 10 Items You Should Always Buy Generic

Skip the name brand items, and turn to their store brand counterparts to save money. It is that easy!

There are several generic substitutions which do not sacrifice quality. In most cases, you cannot even tell the difference between the name brand one and the cheaper store brand counterpart.

The rift in pricing is simply a result of the name brand being more heavily advertised than the store brand.

Choosing generic over brand name can save money. Photo by beeswaxx

Here are 10 items you should always buy generic:

#1 – Bottled water

Whether it’s Evian or store brand water, it’s still the same liquid you are drinking.

If you really want to save, buy a good-quality filter for your faucet and drink that instead of bottled water.

#2 – Bleach

You’re still getting a gallon of chlorine. The name brand bleach is not any better than store brands at cleaning your clothes.

In fact, you should choose store brand versions of all ready-to-use cleaning products from laundry detergents to dishwasher soap because the overpriced name brand product is similar in composition to the generic version.

#3 – Margarine

Margarine is what people substitute for butter.

Choosing the cheapest version of a substitute has no negative effect to your quality of life.

#4 – Over-the-counter medications

Name brand medications are identical, not just similar, to their generic versions.

When it comes to over-the-counter medications — cold medicine, pain relievers, eye drops, etc. — always buy the cheapest ones you can find in the drugstore.

It pays to check prices, brand names v. generic or the house brand. Why pay five times as much for less product?

#5 – Spices and staples

There is no discernible difference between the taste of name brand salt to store brand salt. The same is true for pepper, oregano, flour, sugar, and eggs.

Don’t waste your money and always stick to buying store brand spices and staples.

#6 – Cereal and grain products

Your kids watch a lot of breakfast cereal ads, and that’s where they derive their brand loyalty. It can happen even before they learn to talk.

So, when you give them healthier or cheaper versions, they resist. Explain to your kids how advertising works and save a lot on food purchases.

#7 – Media cables

Those media cables sporting gold-plated connectors cost around $100, and they are not doing anything for your quality of life that an average cable cannot do.

Cheaper cables conduct as efficiently as the expensive ones.

#8 – Gasoline

It is the same gas you’re pumping into your car, yet the price difference can be up to 20 cents per gallon.

Get your gas from an off brand station.

#9 – Produce

Simply check for freshness and buy the cheapest fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle.

There’s no difference between a Chiquita banana and a banana without a sticker.

What to buy generic instead of brand name when shopping. Photo by alsoadie on Flickr.

#10 – Baby formula

You don’t harm your baby when you buy the generic brand of baby formula. The Infant Formula Act spells out specific procedures for manufacturers of baby formula.

The FDA-certified store brand baby formula gives the same level of nutrition offered by Similac and Enfamil.

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