5 Clever Tricks!… How To Save Money On Everyday Household Items

by Lynnette

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If you’re already trying to live frugally, the products you use probably don’t cost very much in and of themselves.

But because you use them every day, the costs can quickly add up.

how to save money everyday

You use common household items every day — from personal hygiene to food to cleaners to clothes.
So when you figure out how to save money on household items, the savings can really add up!

Here are 5 easy ways for you to save money on items you use every day:

#1 – Be open to generic products

Nearly every common item can be purchased with a store brand or generic label.

Despite their lackluster labeling, generic products are usually high quality.

In fact, blind taste test results show that people have a significant taste preference for generic brands. Keep in mind, brand name advertising affects emotions that drive appeal of name brand products, not necessarily their quality or taste.

Wondering how to save money on these items? Try switching to generic for items you’re not picky about — everyday household items like bleach, drinking water, garbage bags, margarine, or produce.

Be open-minded and test store brands to see if you like them; in the long run it will save you big.

#2 – For big purchases, use your debit card instead of a credit card

Credit card debt can silently gobble up your money it’s easy to rack up hundreds of dollars in interest fees over time without even realizing it.

Using a debit card or writing a check is a convenient way to make exact sum purchases without the fees of a credit card. Plus using a debit card or check draws on money that you already have.

#3 – Shop for wholesale items online

There is an entire world of stores competing to sell you everyday items online. It may not be as glamorous as shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, but you usually will find the best prices online.

Plus, online retailers have been working hard to overcome the inconvenience of shipping fees. You can get fast and free shipping on most things (especially if you spend a certain amount of money).

how to save money shopping online

#4 – Find the good thrift stores in your area for clothes, books and furniture

Thrifting is a great way to save money on clothing, books, furniture, and more.

You will often find name brands in excellent condition, or vintage treasures that don’t reflect how little you’ve paid for them.

The only downside… with thrift stores, you have to do a lot of searching, because you never know exactly what you will find and where you will find it.

It pays to explore all of the different thrift stores in your area — some have superior merchandise, better organization, and lower prices than national brand stores.

#5 – Learn where the clearance racks are at your local stores

You can get rewarded for knowing where the clearance racks are at your local grocery stores and big box stores.

Usually, this rack is in an out-of-the-way place, like the back of the store.

Don’t be afraid to ask a sales associate. They can often direct you to the best deals and show you how to save money in the store.

For example, bakeries often have a rack for reduced-rate day old bread. And in the meat section you can find reduced-price meat that’s within a few days of its sell-by date.

If you consume these foods soon after purchase, you’ve saved money without losing quality!

Here’s How To Save Money Every Day