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Consignment And Thrift Stores

You can serve fun foods to your guests WITHOUT relying on store-bought party trays. See how I serve twice as many veggies for half the cost by making my own food platters.

upscale consignment shop

I've bought & sold several items at consignment shops. I'm not fond of buying or selling at clothing consignment stores. But furniture consignment stores ROCK!

Dreaming about your first house? Here's how to save money for a house. If I can do it, you can too! My best tips & clever ideas to try when saving for a house.

Decorating pottery is a great way to give a homemade gift.

Want to save money on gifts this year? Make your own personalized homemade gifts like I do. Here are 5 homemade gifts that wow my friends and family.


In my own personal quest for figuring out the best way to find gifts for the holidays, I came up with a few non-traditional holiday shopping tips. Enjoy!

If you want to sell vintage jewelry & get the most money for it, you need to get the jewelry appraised, know how to market it, and find the best way to sell it!

Hit the thrift stores, ditch excessive gift wrapping, make your own holiday cards, and host a potluck party - all great you can enjoy Christmas on a budget this year!

Furniture recycling isn't a new concept but "furniture upcycling" is. Interested in saving money like me by buying recycled furniture? Start upcycling!

Want to save money on back to school supplies? There's more to it than shopping at Walmart on a tax free day. Here are 5 great tips to save you money.