How Thrifty Are The Thrift Stores?

I’ve found that thrift store clothing isn’t always a bargain. You have to do your homework, and know there are places you can get the same great prices on the exact same items.

Shopping At Thrift Stores: Secrets To Finding Cheap Stuff

Shopping in a thrift store has practically replaced shopping in an outlet mall as a way to find great bargains these days. I attribute that to the fact that outlets aren’t really filled with bargain prices anymore, but a thrift shop is! These days more and more frugal-minded people have their eye on the bottom line, which is: How to get something for almost nothing. Here’s how: Shop in thrift stores!

I Got A Whole New Wardrobe… From Goodwill!

The clothing items at the Goodwill Store are typically marked between $3 and $6 each… Well, on my most recent trip there, they were having a ‘50% Off Everything’ sale. So, you can just imagine the LOAD of clothes — and purses, and winter coats — I was able to get for about $70!