I Got A Whole New Wardrobe… From Goodwill!

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I practically bought a whole new winter wardrobe the other day.

Here's how to buy an entire wardrobe at Goodwill.

And, Jim didn’t mind!

Here’s why:

Because I bought it all from the Goodwill Store!

As you probably know, the clothing items at the Goodwill Store are typically marked between $3 and $6 each… Well, on my most recent trip there, they were having a “50% Off Everything” sale.

So, you can just imagine the LOAD of clothes (and purses! and winter coats!) I was able to get for about $70! All stuff in “like-new” condition. And lots of name-brand stuff! (Liz Claiborne, Eddie Bauer, Ann Taylor)

To make it even better, I discovered they also have a “frequent shopper” card where you can get your card punched each time you spend $20 there. (Not to mention that, on certain days, you even get double punches.) For every $100 you spend, you get $20 in FREE merchandise!

Yep, it’s a bargain-hunter’s paradise.

And I love it whenever someone comments on my sweater and I proudly tell them, “It was $1.50!”


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