Hidden Bargains At Thift Stores & Consignment Shops… And No One Will Know It’s Secondhand

by Andrea

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consignment-clothesIn a recent article (CNN: Thrifty Shoppers Rediscover Secondhand Fashion), AP Fashion Writer Samantha Critchell takes on a challenge to find clothes in the thrift store that are actually fashionable.

She found success in consignment stores in Connecticut and Westchester County New York, as well as the local Goodwill stores.

Huge Bargains On Clothes

A recent visit to the Goodwill store netted Critchell 3 outfits.

She also found an evening outfit that would normally cost in the thousands for only $275.

The best part about finding these great bargains at secondhand stores is that the clothes were still very much in style and some items still bore their original tags.

In most cases, only the most discerning eye can spot last year’s Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit.

While I am not a big fan of couture for couture’s sake — making dresses that cost over $100 a ridiculous indulgence — I am not above wearing a $200 pair of shoes that only cost me $50.

If it’s high quality and well worth the original price, then paying department store prices for luxury retail items is well worth the investment.

I may not make it a habit of searching secondhand consignment stores for my everyday wardrobe, but for those once a year special events where an evening gown and killer shoes are required, I will make it a point to take a look.

What To Look For When Buying Secondhand Clothes

It’s quite easy to make room for secondhand clothes in your closet, but how many of them do you actually wear?

A true bargain-shopper who’s frugal-minded will to do everything in their power to avoid buying things they don’t really need.

If you’ve found yourself accidentally buying duplicates of the same thing — or tossing items that still had the tags on them because they were out of style when you finally got around to wearing them — then you’ll appreciate the following tips.

Here’s what to look for when buying used clothes so you don’t get taken:

  • Choose items of clothing that are timeless.
    That means: avoid fad clothing. Thrift stores often end up with clothing that looks nearly brand new but was just a fad that burned out in a couple of months. Avoid this type of clothing and look for secondhand clothes that you could wear anytime and anywhere.
  • Pay close attention to an item’s condition.
    If a garment has a couple of holes in it — even if it only costs a dollar — that would be a waste of money. And if you’re thinking you’ll just repair it before wearing, keep in mind that it would probably cost $10 or more for a seamstress to fix the item.
  • Make sure it fits… right now!
    Even if you are losing weight and you think you will be able to wear a particular item soon, don’t buy clothing that doesn’t fit right now. That’s $5 or $10 you could save or use for something else. It all adds up.

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