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How To Dress Frugally: The Ever-Popular ‘Frugal Uniform’

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By Andrea

hanging-clothes-artfavor.gif Being frugal has caused a bit of a side effect for me.  I seem to have developed a standard uniform for everyday dress. 

I am sure other frugal people can attest to this. 

For me, the frugal uniform consists of dressing primarily in comfortable black slacks and black or white shirts.  For others, it may mean wearing jeans and t-shirts.  I know a few frugal men who stick to gray and navy slacks with white shirts. 

Sure, we all have items other than these in our closets, but for the most part this is what we wear.  The main reason for the frugal uniform is that it is cost-effective.
For me, it’s easy to find items on sale in basic black and/or white.  In addition, I have found it is easy to update and add to my wardrobe — because most of my clothes fall into the same basic style and color scheme.  For example, the other day when I wanted something new to wear to church, instead of spending $50 on a new outfit, I simply spent $8.99 on a new blouse that goes with just about every pair of slacks in my closet. 
Don’t get me wrong.  My wardrobe is far from boring.  I have a nice red suit, a hot pink jacket, and an array of scarves and belts that add color to my wardrobe.  I also make it a point to purchase items with unique features such as cowl neck blouses, or asymmetric tops, and my favorite East Indian sequined cotton tops.  My black slacks come in different styles and finishes from cotton to satin and from lounge pants to culottes. 
So you see, a frugal uniform does not have to be boring or pitied.  It is a natural choice I made that evolved over time and fits my personality and my pocketbook, as well.