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Obsolete Products: Here Are 75+ Things That Are Obsolete …Or Will Be Soon!

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By Regina

More and more things become obsolete every year — like those big, blue USPS mailboxes that used to be seen on street corners across America.

These big blue USPS mailboxes used to be seen on street corners across the U.S. Each year, more U.S. Postal Service mailboxes are disappearing. See why, plus 50+ other things that are obsolete (or will be soon).

Why does it matter which products are going away?

By understanding product trends, it may keep you from spending money on things that will be obsolete before the year is out.

For starters, here are 10 things that analysts say will soon be obsolete. The bottom line is… you probably shouldn’t buy or invest in these items this year.

Here are a few obsolete products from the list that I firmly agree with:

  • Home phone land lines — Having a home phone has already become obsolete for anyone who has found a cell phone plan that is cheaper and more convenient. As this trend continues and products like Magic Jack that can plug into your computer and provide a phone line become more available, I too see traditional telephone land lines disappearing.
  • External hard drives — It’s no longer necessary to backup your files onto 3-1/2 inch disks or CD disks because there are plenty of online alternatives. I personally use Media Fire to backup the files on my computer. It has unlimited file storage and allows me to share files as well. As these and other online services like Dropbox and Google Drive become more popular, external hard drives will become a thing of the past.
  • Music CDs — With iTunes, Google Play, and other download music services (not to mention YouTube where most any song you could want has a video of some kind available), fewer people are buying CDs these days. I stopped buying them several years ago for this very reason. Soon, they’ll be nearly impossible to find.
  • Newspaper subscriptions — Personally, the only newspaper I buy anymore is the Sunday paper and that’s just to get the coupon flyers. Almost any newspaper you want to read you can view online now, and many of them are FREE. Because of this, most people aren’t willing to pay for a newspaper subscription any longer. Therefore, newspapers are indeed one of the soon-to-be obsolete products you probably want to avoid.


75+ Obsolete Products From A To Z

Truth is, there are a lot of people weighing in and making their own guesses regarding obsolete products that we’re all likely to wave goodbye to very soon.

Here’s a growing list of things that are already obsolete or will be soon — from A to Z:

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  1. Alarm clocks
  2. Answering machines with funny tape-recorded messages
  3. Bench seats in cars
  4. Boomboxes
  5. Business cards
  6. Cable TV
  7. Carbon copy paper
  8. Card catalog searches
  9. Cash
  10. Cassette tapes
  11. Cell phones with antennas
  12. Checkbooks
  13. Classified ads in newspapers
  14. Clutch pedal
  15. Computer mouse
  16. Computers
  17. Cursive handwriting
  18. Desks
  19. Dial-up Internet
  20. Dictionaries (books)
  21. Dot matrix printers
  22. DVD movies
  23. Encyclopedias (books)
  24. Energy-inefficient homes and appliances
  25. Fax machines
  26. Film and developing photos
  27. Film cameras
  28. Fuzzy TV reception
  29. Gas stations
  30. Handheld game consoles
  31. Handwritten letters
  32. Hard drives
  33. Incandescent light bulbs
  34. Keys
  35. Library books
  36. Magazines
  37. Mailboxes on street corners
  38. Malls and department stores
  39. Maps / road atlases
  40. Mix tapes
  41. Movie theaters
  42. Mp3 players
  43. Music stores
  44. Netbooks
  45. Pagers and beepers
  46. Paper
  47. Pay phones
  48. Paying for long-distance phone service
  49. Pennies
  50. Pens & pencils
  51. Phone busy signals
  52. Phone calls
  53. Phone booths
  54. Phone directories
  55. Phone numbers
  56. Post Office
  57. Privacy
  58. Record players
  59. Records (vinyl)
  60. Record stores
  61. Rotary dial phones
  62. Shopping catalogs
  63. Solitaire
  64. Staplers
  65. Swimming pools with diving boards
  66. Telephones
  67. Textbooks for college
  68. Toilet paper
  69. TV channel numbers that make sense
  70. Typewriters
  71. VCRs and videotapes
  72. Video game arcades
  73. Video stores
  74. Voicemail
  75. Wired video game controllers
  76. Wires
  77. Wrist watches
  78. Yellow pages and address books

Public phone booths and pay phones are becoming obsolete


Other Lists Of Obsolete Products

In addition to the links I’ve included above, here are some other great collections of obsolete or soon-to-be obsolete products: