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My favorite things to write about are topics that have to do with pregnancy, weddings, saving money, living green, and life with dogs. When I'm not writing, I love to spend time with my husband, read, create 3D artwork and Native American beadwork.

It's easy to watch free movies & TV shows online! Here's how to get rid of cable and watch everything for FREE! The top 11 free online movie streaming sites

Frugal advice... Don't invest in obsolete products like the ones appearing on this list! Here are 75+ things that are no longer in existence (or will be gone soon).


In my own personal quest for figuring out the best way to find gifts for the holidays, I came up with a few non-traditional holiday shopping tips. Enjoy!

Fun ways to incorporate dollar bills and coins in Halloween costumes. Make your own money themed Halloween costume this year, and be the hit of the party!

Online bartering is VERY popular right now! Here's what you need to know when it comes to exchanging goods or services with others who want to trade things online.

Do you think that pawnshops only sell stolen items, carry mostly junk, and they're typically unmonitored by police? Wrong! Everything you need to know about selling to a pawnshop.

Perhaps you've dabbled in frugal living in the past, but you never could completely adapt to living frugally year round. Well, here are 5 ways to develop a frugal living mindset and stick to it. The good part: you'll be saving a whole lot of money soon!

Wondering where to find coupons online and on the go?... All you need is an Internet connection and/or a cell phone and you can pretty much find a coupon for anything anywhere!

Here are the best ways to organize coupons that I've found. My favorite is the 3-ring binder method mentioned here.