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4 Easy DIY Money-Related Halloween Costumes To Make

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By Regina

Whether you work in a money-related industry (such as banking, investing, cashiering) or not, people will get a kick out seeing you — or your kids — wearing one of these money-related Halloween costumes!


Have fun trying your hand at one of these 4 money Halloween costumes that you can easily make yourself:

  • Dollars And Cents
    You just need a black outfit, some poster board, and felt tip pens, and maybe a few coins to jingle in your pocket. Simply punch a couple of holes in the poster board to thread string or yarn through, and then hang it on your neck.
  • Wishing Well
    All you need is a box, some scissors, something to make shoulder straps with, and pens. You could also put fun things inside your wishing well!
  • Piggy Bank
    This one is my favorite because it’s pretty simple. All you need is a pink sweat suit, a pig nose, ears, tail, and some construction paper. Use the construction paper to cut out an opening and attach it to the front of your suit, then you’re a life-size piggy bank. Also, I just think pigs are cute!
  • ATM Machine
    You need the same stuff to make this one as the wishing well for the most part. The design is just a little different in that you need an opening for the money to come out and a place for the receipt to come out. With a little construction paper and scissors you can make those, and you’re set to go.


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