Should You Buy The Optional Extended Warranty On Electronics, Appliances, Etc? (My Experience + What The Experts Say)

When you buy electronics, appliances, and other household items, should you buy the optional extended warranty (like a Master Protection Agreement from Sears)… or not? We’ve got the facts, plus some personal experience that might help you decide. See how Sears handles the preventive maintenance check (or cleaning) on their digital cameras. Find out when it makes sense to buy the service warranty — and when it doesn’t!

Black Friday Shopping Strategies & The Best Black Friday Tips … Ever!

Here’s my best collection of Black Friday shopping tips. This list covers everything you should do ahead of time, in the planning and preparation stages. As well as Black Friday shopping tips that you can’t live without — like what things you should do the morning of Black Friday and what things you should do while you’re in the stores shopping and taking advantage of Black Friday sales.

We Love Ring Central Fax & Toll-Free Phone Options For Small Business Owners

We used to use free programs like eFax for receiving faxes and FaxZero for sending faxes. For a couple of years now, we’ve been using RingCentral instead. It’s not free like eFax and FaxZero are. But, in our opinion, RingCentral is the best option for small business owners like us. We use it all the time. Here’s why…