Some Legit Things You Can Get For FREE + Tips Before Signing Up For Freebies Online

by Lynnette

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Most of the following FREE offers have no expiration date. For those with expiration dates, you’ll want to act quickly because those special offers usually don’t last long.

freebies free yogurt token

Time-sensitive freebies are usually only around long enough for the company to generate some quick buzz and added publicity for their product.

Personally, I’m not fond of the type of freebies online where you have to enter a contest or buy something in order to get the FREE item.

For that reason, I mostly share completely FREE, no expiration date offers here.

Okay, ready to see the FREE stuff?

Everything Here Is FREE For The Asking

Following is just a sampler of the types of things you can find for free all year long.

freebies and other free stuff

The best sites to find items like these:

  • 10 FREE top-of-the-line, screen printed vinyl decals of the American Flag (…these are high-quality outdoor grade and rated for a 5 year life span.)
  • FREE ASPCA pet emergency alert sticker & FREE pet safety pack
  • FREE samples from Walmart (…these change frequently, so keep checking!)

You should know — I’m not in the habit of sharing “good deals” and “free offers” just for the heck of it. In fact, when it comes to online freebies, I’m quite leery of the word FREE altogether since there’s usually a catch in the end.

That said, I’ve found each of the above to be 100% legit offers. And I signed up for all of them myself.

Before You Sign Up For FREE Offers

If you choose to participate in free offers like these online, keep in mind:

  • Each of the above “freebies” is being offered by a reputable major corporation (ASPCA, Walmart, etc.), and that’s the primary factor that I use when deciding whether or not to respond to a FREE offer — any FREE offer.
  • If the company is standing behind the offer, then it’s legit.
  • With most of the 3rd-party sites that “redirect” you to FREE offers, you never really know what you’re getting. Odds are, you’re just increasing your odds of being place on lots of e-mail and snail mail SPAM lists.
  • Some FREE offers require that you complete their online survey or “register” on their site first. While some people might see this as a slight inconvenience, it’s relatively harmless. My advice…
  • Use a secondary e-mail account, rather than your primary e-mail account for this purpose. Unless you absolutely LOVE the company whose offer you’re responding to, then use a secondary (non-primary) e-mail address (even a “fake” or “temporary” one will work).
  • If a company’s got your e-mail address, and you’ve already shown a slight interest in their products (by registering for this FREE offer) — then they’ll most likely want to let you know about some of their other great products in the future. Again — relatively harmless, but could be a nuisance to some.

Something to remember when you consider using fake information, though — that’s fine sometimes, but remember, they’re going to be sending you something that you requested — so they’ll need a legit home address. I usually just use my first initial instead of my whole name, and I always make up a phone number when it’s required.

The Best FREE Stuff Online

Where do I find most of my FREE offers, you ask? Well, if you’re like me, you will bookmark the following websites.


These sites share only reputable FREE offers online:

Find Freebies Where You Live

Finally, there are a number of other ways to get free stuff locally — right where you live.

  • My all-time favorite is Freecycle. (I’ve been using this for years and in 2 different towns were I’ve lived.)
  • Another popular way to find freebies in your area is Craigslist. (You’ll find “FREE” under the For Sale category.)
  • Listia is a fun way to give and receive FREE stuff. (You start with 500 free credits when you sign up.)