Before You Buy Anything New, Check Out The Best Review Sites Online First!

by Lynnette

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Before you buy something new, I recommend looking for that item on this list of the best review sites first — to see detailed ratings and reviews.

best review sites - product review websites

These days every transaction or relationship can be graded or rated, and the masses regard this ability as essential to their rights as empowered consumers. Source

Today, I’m sharing some of the best review sites that I use regularly. They always steer me into the right purchase decision.

When it comes to buying popular products like electronics, tech gadgets, household products, cars, trips, and more, I definitely use online reviews more often than not.

88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Source


The Best Product Review Websites

Amazon Customer Reviews – At a glance, you can see standard star ratings for each item on Amazon — plus you can read reviews and comments from people who’ve actually used that product.

TIP: If a product has lots of reviews and some reviewers mention that they were given the product for the purpose of writing a review, I generally disregard those reviews because they tend to be more positive or biased.


Consumer Reports – What started as a popular consumer magazine filled with professional reviews and ratings has become a popular expert-level review site online. They thoroughly test products and services in order to find the ones that have very best quality. I like that they don’t accept advertising, and they don’t allow their endorsements to be used in advertising.

TIP: I start here before buying household items.


DP Review – An excellent place to find details about virtually any brand of digital camera — new or old. Plus, they have a very active forum where you can search for answers to your specific questions.

TIP: I see what a camera’s reviews look like here, before buying any type of camera.


PC Mag – Their experts test all things electronic to provide honest reviews and security tips for computers, phones, software and other digital gadgets.

TIP: I go here for anything computer-related.


Yelp A website and mobile app that connects people with great local businesses. Find a city (either where you live or where you’re traveling), then find the most reputable businesses there.

TIP: I mostly use Yelp to find great restaurants — both locally and when I travel.


Trip Advisor – An amazing resource for all things travel, they provide very detailed travel guides for pretty much every location in the world.

TIP: I mostly use TripAdvisor when I’m traveling — to find hotels and fun things to do on the fly.


CNet – A trusted and reliable resource for all things “technical” — like computers, printers, cell phones, TVs, software, and free downloads.

TIP: I like CNet reviews for info about all things digital.


MSN Autos – A great new/used car resource. There are tons of facts about any make or model of vehicle — including pricing, features & specs, photos & videos, and professional ratings & reviews.

TIP: I don’t buy cars often, but when I do I compare notes here.