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Are Extended Stay Motels A Good Option For Temporary Housing? (Hint: YES!)

Whether it be because of employment circumstances, moving, or another personal situation, living in extended stay motels could be the affordable housing solution you're looking for! Cheap extended stay hotels can be comfortable and practical -- for yourself or your entire family -- as temporary housing for a few months. Here's what it's like living in a motel, how much it costs, and how to find monthly hotel rentals that meet your needs best.

Should You Buy The Optional Extended Warranty On Electronics, Appliances, Etc? (My Experience + What The Experts Say)

When you buy electronics, appliances, and other household items, should you buy the optional extended warranty (like a Master Protection Agreement from Sears)... or not? We've got the facts, plus some personal experience that might help you decide. See how Sears handles the preventive maintenance check (or cleaning) on their digital cameras. Find out when it makes sense to buy the service warranty -- and when it doesn't!

Tips For Resisting High Pressure Sales

Sales people are not crazy about comparison shoppers like me. They want to catch you as soon as you think you might want to buy an item, and get you to make an impulse purchase on the spot. They want your money now and are not afraid to pressure you into making a purchase. Here are 4 tips for resisting high-pressure sales...