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I made $1,000 in 2 weeks selling items on Facebook Marketplace! See what sells best, items that bring the most money, and how to post items on Facebook.

I've lived in extended stay hotels. See what it's really like living in a hotel, how much it costs, how to find monthly hotel rentals that meet your needs.

It's easy to rent stuff you don't always use - like your backyard, your garden, clothing, cars, garages, storage spaces, and more. Here's how to do it!

When you buy electronics, appliances & housewares, should you buy the extended warranty or not? We've got the facts, plus some personal experience to share.

We didn't renew our Sam's Club membership. Now we're Costco members. Sams vs Costco - which is better? Our review + Secret tips for saving money at Costco!

Here's a HUGE list of items which have been dramatically marked down lately because of the economy and current recession woes. Now might be a good time to take advantage of these things.

CostHelper tells you how much you should pay for what. The site consists of a database of hundreds of items, where you can investigate how much others are paying and find similar deals.

Sales people are not crazy about comparison shoppers like me. They want to catch you as soon as you think you might want to buy an item, and get you to make an impulse purchase on the spot. They want your money now and are not afraid to pressure you into making a purchase. Here are 4 tips for resisting high-pressure sales...

I don't purchased extended warranties and service plans from department stores that try to sell them to you whenever you buy appliances and electronics. I'm more apt to buy a Home Service Plan instead. Here's why...