Tips For Resisting High Pressure Sales

by Andrea


I love to comparison shop to make sure I am getting the best deal for my money.

Here's how to avoid high pressure sales.

Sales people, on the other hand, are not crazy about comparison shoppers.  They want to catch you as soon as you think you might want to buy an item, and get you to make an impulse purchase on the spot.  They want your money now and are not afraid to pressure you into making a purchase.  Some of these tactics can make shopping for certain items a frightening experience.

Here are 4 tips for resisting high-pressure sales…

shopping-at-appliance-showroom.jpg#1 Leave your money at home. 
Never take your money with you the first time you visit a store to investigate a large purchase.  This will make it much easier for you to say “No, I am not done shopping around.” If a salesperson says they are making you a one-time offer, simply let them know that such tactics are offensive and that you do not intend to rush your purchase decision.
#2 Let them know that you have no intention of buying today.
Whenever I walk into a furniture store, sales people bombard me even before I get my foot in the door.  I always stop and say, “I have no intention of buying today.  Right now, I am just shopping around”.  In most cases, they will give you their card for when you are ready to shop.  If I feel that I like them, I hold on to the card and even write notes on the back if I saw something I wanted.  If I did not like anything or did not feel inclined to buy anything, I dispose of the card.
#3 Take children with you and prompt them to be difficult.
This tactic can be great fun.  I use it when I am expecting the highest-pressure sales pitches.  I take my 2 kids with me and encourage them to start bickering when I give them a sign.  It is usually a special cough or sneeze that signals them to act unruly.  It works like a charm every time and gives
you a great excuse to get away from a high-pressure salesperson.  If you ever want to look at a timeshare, you really should take your kids!
#4 Always sleep on it before buying.
If the salesperson will offer you a special deal today, he or she will most likely offer you a special deal tomorrow.  Do not be deceived.  If you have a check or card in your hand and you are ready to spend money for the right deal, then you can bet they will bend over backwards.  It’s always best to go home and give your purchase special thought to make sure you really want and need what is offered.