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Are the Black Friday deals really worth it... or not?

Is Black Friday the best time to buy certain items (beyond the rare doorbuster TVs & laptops)? One Black Friday shopper's advice for getting the best bargains.

Here are the best stores and websites for good pre-Black Friday steals:

Here's my best collection of Black Friday shopping tips. This list covers everything you should do ahead of time, in the planning and preparation stages. As well as Black Friday shopping tips that you can't live without -- like what things you should do the morning of Black Friday and what things you should do while you're in the stores shopping and taking advantage of Black Friday sales.

Bargain shoppers can score tremendous bargains by keeping their eye on the biggest sales that can be had:ONLY on this one day, ONLY for certain times during that day, ONLY on certain items, and ONLY at certain stores. Here are some great tips for your first Black Friday shopping trip.

After participating in this, my 3rd season of Black Friday sales, I've learned a few things. You do realize that each year, the stores change their strategies a bit. As do the shoppers! Here are my best tips for Black Friday shoppers...

Our 42-inch Philips flat panel TV cost $1,400. We love it. Now, I'm finding several 42-inch widescreen TVs appearing in the 2007 Black Friday sales fliers, and I'm jealous. The prices are about half of what we paid just 3 months ago.

A lot of people ask us for computer advice... Good news. Black Friday sales are upon us, and where else can you find brand new laptops from $299 to $799 and full-size desktop computers ranging from $199 to $699 outside of Black Friday sales events?! Here are the best deals to be found on computers at sales events taking place on the day after Thanksgiving -- November 23, 2007.

If you are unable to make it to the post-Thanksgiving Day sales to take advantage of all the Black Friday sales, have no fear. You still have Cyber Monday to find lots of great low-low prices on Holiday gift items!

I ordered 2 of these digital photo frame ornaments. Currently, you can find them anywhere from $22 plus shipping to $40 apiece! But on Black Friday this year, you can get them for $20 at Target. Here's the scoop...