Black Friday Good Deal Alert: Digital Photo Frame Ornament

by Lynnette

Black Friday, Digital Photos

2-digital-photo-frame-ornaments.gifHere’s a good (and fun!) Black Friday deal for you…

I actually purchased 2 of these ornaments from QVC the other day when they were a “Today’s Special Value”. That means they were priced exceptionally low ($39.00 for 2) on that day only.

But wait… there’s more!

Currently these digital frame ornaments are selling on QVC for $43.94 (for 2). Plus shipping, of course.

Better still…

I saw them at Target yesterday selling for $40 (for one!).

target-black-friday-ad-showing-digital-picture-frame.jpgOkay, so it’s obvious that these holiday ornaments with built-in digital photo frames are definitely hot items this year. So much so… that they’ve even made the Black Friday super-low bargain fliers now!

Yep, they are currently selling at Target for $40 apiece — in a variety of colors, including red, green, gold, and silver. But on Black Friday (November 23rd), you can pick ’em up at Target for only $20 apiece! If you’re one of the lucky few (…because you know how Black Friday sales events go).

For the record, I ordered them in the colors of “silver” and “gold”. I think there’s a chance that they could be displayed throughout the winter months (if not year round) on a table or bookcase without looking too Christmassy. They look pretty classy and resemble a high-tech electronic gadget more than they do a Christmas ornament — at least in the silver and gold colors.

There are more great deals to be found on Black Friday!