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How Saves You Money On Almost Everything (Even Designer Clothes!)

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By Alix

A little while back I heard about a website called I’ve never been huge on buying clothes online, but this site changed my mind.

Here are some money saving tips for shopping Overstock online.

Overstock not only provides less expensive clothing at even cheaper prices, but they also sell designer items at discount prices. And everything is brand new.

So I’m not one to purchase designer items (Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, etc.) for $300 and up, but the first time I looked at the site there were coats, shirts, purses, and sunglasses all 20%-60% off the retail price. It was amazing how low the prices were for some items.

My first purchase was a pair of Chip and Pepper jeans which typically retail for close to $200. I got this pair in my size for $64. The jeans fit great and were a bargain!

I’ve also looked at Gucci sunglasses and a Fendi purse. The items were exactly as described and half the price.

In addition to clothes, Overstock sells pretty much everything – TVs, furniture, bedding, electronics, and the list goes on. The website provides reviews of all products and even has a 100% money back policy for returns.

One nice feature of Overstock is their sellout probability posting. Each item has says whether it has a low, medium, high or extremely possibility of selling out in the near future. This allows you to decide whether you must have it now, or whether you can wait until later. Also, in your shopping cart, it will tell you how many of that item are left (if there is a limited number) so you can go ahead and make your purchase.

Finally, Overstock also has a WorldStock page where you can see items that were produced all over the world. These items are usually pretty unique, but have VERY low price tags.

So no matter what your purchase is, I suggest you check to get some of the best prices available. Even designer clothes (which usually don’t go on sale at department stores) you can get at a fraction of the cost.

And if for some reason it doesn’t work out, the return policy is easy!