Black Friday Sales Fliers & Retailers… Updated Daily!

by Lynnette

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The information below pertains to 2006 Black Friday sales. For current Black Friday sales info, go here.

Black Friday... Gotta Deal logo Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving when retailers often have their biggest sales of the year) is right around the corner.

After the huge success of 2005 Black Friday sales events, it’s looking like this year will be no different.

And, the best part? You can find out ahead of time exactly what’s going to be on sale at your favorite stores!

Here’s how…

According to, there are currently more than 90,000 people keeping their eye on the Black Friday sales for 2006.

Actually, that’s just the number of people who’ve “signed-in” at the Black Friday forums online so far this year.

While you don’t have to register to view the sales fliers from all the stores and see what’s on sale the day after Thanksgiving, you do have register in order to be able to discuss what’s on sale, ask questions about this item vs that item, get feedback on just how good of a price cut it is, and so much more…

This is one “connected” group of shoppers! They’ll even give you tips for making the most of your shopping trip the day after Thanksgiving — especially if you want to snag the best deals at your favorite stores first!

Check out the largest Black Friday forums online here. (You’ll see me in there on occasion!)

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