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I made $1,000 in 2 weeks selling items on Facebook Marketplace! See what sells best, items that bring the most money, and how to post items on Facebook.

Budget travel doesn't mean boring travel! To get the most bang for your buck when you travel on a budget, think outside-the-box when planning your trip. My 5 best ideas.

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Wondering if the Craftsman lifetime warranty is still good since Sears sold Craftsman tools? Here's what's happening with the Craftsman warranty & how it affects you

Need extra cash? Like you, I've been a college student and I know just how tight money can get. Here's how to make money in college without sacrificing your grades!

Here's a HUGE list of items which have been dramatically marked down lately because of the economy and current recession woes. Now might be a good time to take advantage of these things.

Some experts claim that we should be stockpiling foods in anticipation of rising food prices -- a sign of lean times ahead, based on our current economy. But how do you know what kinds of foods to stockpile? And exactly how much should you be storing away?

The best way we can survive this recent hike in gas prices is to lower our need for gasoline. Here are some simple things you can do to lower gas consumption and lessen the damage that gasoline prices are putting on your pocketbook...

Could there be a a correlation between today's economy and our waistlines? They call times of financial recession lean times for a reason, you know. People tend to eat less because of the high price of food. I had this happen to me the other day...

I used to be able to get in and out of the grocery store and buy what I need for 20 dollars or less. Not anymore... My how things have changed!