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Want to save money on back to school supplies? There's more to it than shopping at Walmart on a tax free day. Here are 5 great tips to save you money.

Looking for the best ways to save money? Avoid purchasing pre-made or finished items, know the best times to buy products you need, and 4 more great tips.

Spending too much money on items you use everyday? Consider online shopping, buy generics, plus 3 more savvy tips on how to save money on household items.

7 secrets for maximizing thrift store shopping and finding unique back to school clothes for young school age kids AND college students.

Are the Black Friday deals really worth it... or not?

Is Black Friday the best time to buy certain items (beyond the rare doorbuster TVs & laptops)? One Black Friday shopper's advice for getting the best bargains.

Hosting a clothes swap party! photo by sfllaw on Flickr

Here are some great tips for planning your own FREE clothes swap party, plus fun ideas to make your clothing swap party lots of fun... and unique!

Have you been trying to figure out the best way to sell your things or buy from a local consignment business? If it seems like too much trouble, read these tips first. I bet you'll change your mind!


Want to know the best days to shop for particular items? Like knowing what the best way to save money is? Here's what you should buy and on which days if you want to save money!

Here's a list of things you should NEVER pay full price for... especially since you can usually find new -- or next to new -- items at drastically reduced prices if you just look in the right places.