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Simple Ways To Save Money On Household Items

If you're wondering how to save money on groceries -- you're going to love this list of suggestions and tips for saving money on groceries. Consider bulk-buying, pay attention to off-brand items, and make sure you finish all items before you buy new ones. These are seriously easy tips you probably have overlooked.

How To Dress Frugally: The Ever-Popular ‘Frugal Uniform’

I seem to have developed a standard uniform for everyday dress. I am sure other frugal people can attest to this. For me, the frugal uniform consists of dressing primarily in comfortable black slacks and black or white shirts. For others, it may mean wearing jeans and t-shirts. I know a few frugal men who stick to gray and navy slacks with white shirts.

Go Natural… It’s Cheaper!

A huge part of being thrifty for me is being natural. I find that when I focus on avoiding products that are toxic to either the environment or myself that I save a great deal of money. Here are some of the natural ways I use to save money...

5 Bad Habits That Cost You Money

If you have a typical American family, like me, then there are some bad habits you may not even be aware of that are costing you serious money. Here are 5 bad habits that you should break to recoup some of your household budget...