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Best Way To Save Money When Shopping: Pick The Right Day!

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By Regina

happy-shopper-figures-out-the-best-way-to-save-money-by-rocksee Have you ever wondered if there were certain days to shop that would be the best way to save money?

I have too! Believe it or not, some days are better to shop for certain things than others.

But how do you find out what days to shop for what things so you can discover the best way to save money?

Fortunately, someone else spent 6 months figuring this out for us. (See video below.)

  • Monday is the best day to purchase a car. The reason for this is that car salesmen have just got done with a long weekend where they may not have sold any cars, and they are usually desperate by Monday to make a sale. This gives you the power when it comes to negotiating the best price.
  • Tuesday is the best day to eat out. Fresh foods are delivered early in the week, and so if you eat out on Tuesday you are most likely to get the freshest food for your dollars. Unlike if you ate out on say Saturday where the food would not be as fresh, and so you would not be getting the best bang for your buck.
  • Wednesday is the best day to book a flight. Airlines start the airfare wars on the weekend. Competitors spend Monday and Tuesday coming up with competing prices. This means that by Wednesday all the rates are as low as they can get.
  • Thursday is the best day to buy gas and clothes. Gas prices go up on the weekend, so if you fill up on Thursday before 10:00 am, then you will get the best price for your gas before the price goes up. The reason Thursday is the best day to buy clothes is that stores start their weekend promotions on Thursday, so if you shop on Thursday, you’ll get the best selection and the best price.
  • There are no savings to be had on Friday.
  • Saturday is the best day to go department store shopping and shop for things like home decor. The reason for this is that stores mark everything down in anticipation of the Sunday ads. Because of this, most stores will give you the Sunday prices the night before on Saturday evening.
  • Sunday is the best day to shop for groceries and hotel rooms. Sunday is the day that the circulars come out with grocery ads and coupons. So if you go shopping for groceries early on Sunday, you’ll get the best selection and the best price. Stingy hotel managers are off on Sundays, so if you call a hotel and ask to talk to the manager you will usually be able to negotiate a lower price for a hotel room than you would be able to during the week.

Here’s a bonus tip for Sundays (the best day to buy groceries): You can save even more money on groceries, particularly meat, if you buy bulk and use your home chest freezer.