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The Future Of Grocery Store Coupons

sunsilk-anti-flat-hair-products.jpgI recently sent away for free samples of SunSilk hair shampoo & conditioner. (They call it Hairapy.)

I love this product (especially the Anti-Flat formula), but that’s beside the point. What I really want to talk about are the “coupons” that came with my free samples.

Plastic Coupon Cards

With each sample (I ordered 2 of each — shampoo & conditioner), I got two coupons.

Each was good for $1.00 off the purchase of SunSilk shampoo or conditioner.

Wow… a whole dollar. That was pretty cool. Especially since their products aren’t that expensive to start with. (I think a huge bottle of shampoo or conditioner is less than $2 apiece.)

sunsilk_plastic_card_coupons.jpgMost interesting was the type of coupon I received. It was a credit card-sized plastic card, just like a typical pre-paid gift card — or those cards you get when you return an item without a receipt (for store credit).

I’ve never seen store coupons like this before.

You can bet I saved ’em. And I’ll definitely be using them soon.

While they look really neat, and I like the idea that coupons like this are so easy to scan at the checkout counter, I’m just not sure if I’d want all product manufacturers to start making their store coupons like this.

#1 It seems like a waste of money. (But I’ve gotta admit, it made a great first impression.)


#2 It would be difficult to lug around a bunch of these, due to their sheer thickness and weight.

Thoughts anyone?