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Learn one way that you can cut the cost of doing laundry in half, simply by taking one extra step with your dryer sheets.

How much do you know about barter websites? I've got inside information on 2 popular personal trading websites and business trade websites just for newbies (and those who need some tips)!

I love free stuff... to a certain degree. But I also think you should be aware of what those free things will really cost you. Here are some ripoffs to watch out for...

Check with your grandma -- she has tried and true ways to save money. Here are savings tips from Grandma like reusing foil and butter wrappers, really!

Here are some ideas for frugal party planning, no matter what the occasion... We cover food, decorations, invitations, and more.

Cutting back on expenses and saving a little money here & there doesn't mean sucking all of the enjoyment from your life. You can still get ice cream treats with your family. You can still have the occasional shopping spree. On those days when I feel that I will burst if I cannot spend some money, here's what I do...

I seem to have developed a standard uniform for everyday dress. I am sure other frugal people can attest to this. For me, the frugal uniform consists of dressing primarily in comfortable black slacks and black or white shirts. For others, it may mean wearing jeans and t-shirts. I know a few frugal men who stick to gray and navy slacks with white shirts.

As I've become more and more frugal, I've also become more prone to collect clutter. My family members don't get it. So, to combat my family's nonchalant attitude about tossing out useful items, I have become a garbage snoop. Here are just a few of the things my family has forced me to do to save money...

Here are lots of fun ways you to start a magazine swap, including making a magazine swap part of your next party or social meeting. Then again, you could always just swap with a neighbor... it's a great way to recycle magazines. There are definitely lots of fun ways to start a magazine swap!