Dumpster Diving In Your Own Home: Sometimes You Have To Pick Through The Trash

As I’ve become more and more frugal, I’ve also become more prone to collect clutter. My family members don’t get it. So, to combat my family’s nonchalant attitude about tossing out useful items, I have become a garbage snoop. Here are just a few of the things my family has forced me to do to save money…

A Fun Magazine Swap… You Never Know Where You Might Find One!

Here are lots of fun ways you to start a magazine swap, including making a magazine swap part of your next party or social meeting. Then again, you could always just swap with a neighbor… it’s a great way to recycle magazines. There are definitely lots of fun ways to start a magazine swap!

Go Natural… It’s Cheaper!

A huge part of being thrifty for me is being natural. I find that when I focus on avoiding products that are toxic to either the environment or myself that I save a great deal of money. Here are some of the natural ways I use to save money…


How Thrifty Are The Thrift Stores?

I’ve found that thrift store clothing isn’t always a bargain. You have to do your homework, and know there are places you can get the same great prices on the exact same items.

3 Shopping Tips That Can Save You BIG Money!

Here are some little-known ways that you can save big when you’re shopping — both online and in stores. Check out these insider tips from the experts on how to shop smarter and save more money.