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Bartering For Great Deals – The Best Online Barter Exchange Websites & Trading Websites

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By Andrea

When cash is low, barter is better.

It's a really good idea when using barter websites to make sure you have a binding contract

More people are turning to online barter exchange these days in lieu of purchasing items with cash.

When you barter, if you have something laying around you can get rid of (or perhaps a service you can perform), you simply do that in exchange for items you need.

Here are the best bartering sites and a little about the basics of bartering for newbies…

Personal Bartering Websites

The Craigslist online barter message boards have steadily increased in use over the years, and new barter exchange websites and trade websites are cropping up daily.

You can trade items that you make or buy on barter websites for other items

Two of the most popular online barter exchange sites are Swap and U-exchange. In fact, they were mentioned on a Today Show segment.

Swap allows you to trade items you have already used and no longer need for new items.

Here’s how easy to use the Swap barter website works:

  • Order a prepaid shipping label or request an Inbound Box below and send us the items you’d like to consign on
  • Swap reviews your items, processes, and store them safely in their fulfillment center located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.
  • You’ll receive an email from them when your items are available for your review and pricing — then you’re done!

This website is free to use and on average sellers earn about $150 per box they sell on when sending in-season high-quality items.

U-Exchange allows you to trade anything.

Here’s how the trade website U-exchange works:

  • Facilitates person-to-person trades and doesn’t charge fees or take commission on trades.
  • Allows you to browse through posted trades and to post your own items.
  • You become a member by posting your first trade. It’s a simple as that!
  • You can send and receive messages through the site’s anonymous email system.
  • Membership allows you to add links to your site and post on the message board.
  • Bookmark items that appeal to you — so you can revisit them later.
  • You can also opt to place a premium listing on the site.

These two online barter exchange websites don’t address the needs of many business owners who are seeking to barter online. But for the “average Joe”, you just might find someone you can barter with!

Business Bartering Websites

If you’re looking to barter for big bucks, then you may want to check out some corporate and business bartering websites.

Business can also choose to use the barter system online.

BizX is a membership-based association that allows members to buy and sell products and services using exchange dollars. The website acts as a type of bank with all transactions legally reported to the IRS.

NATE Corporate Barter enables businesses to barter their unsold inventory and excess capacity for things they need.

NATE Corporate Barter Division purchases your unsold inventory and excess capacity, and provides immediate value redeemable through an online barter network, called The BANC. With a network of over 50,000 trading partners throughout the U.S. and Canada, this online barter BANC offers a Corporate Barter Membership, allowing corporations to generate immediate value for their under-performing assets and excess capacity.  Source

International Monetary Systems Barter Network allows you to save money by converting your goods in to trade dollars, attract new customers through the barter system, and increase sales by trading at full inventory value instead of taking mark-downs.

More About Online Barter And Trade Websites

In addition to the links I’ve included above, here are some more links to help you learn more about online bartering: