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6 Frugal Money Saving Tips From Grandma That Really Do Work

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By Andrea

Many of our grandparents were alive during the great depression.  Therefore, they have a great deal of knowledge about how to cut corners and save money.

Grandma's usually know how to save money

Many have become old wives’ tales. But some actually do work!

Here are 6 money savings tips from Grandma you’ll want to remember…


#1 – Save Butter Wrappers

When you throw away the butter wrapper, you are also throwing away butter.  But if you bake, put the wrappers in a Ziploc bag and keep that bag in the refrigerator.  Then, use the butter wrappers to grease your pans.

Here are 3 more ways to reuse butter wrappers.


#2 – Make Blankets From Old Clothes

Quilting is much more than an art form. It was born out of necessity to create blankets and bed covers from nothing.

Worn and damaged clothes and other fabric — like upholstery — were often used, as opposed to the special printed fabric that is used these days.  There is no reason that you cannot use old clothes to make quilts.

Learn more about making quilts from old clothes.


#3 – Reuse Tea Bags

Our grandparents used a tea bag more than once to make the tea last.  Even if people laugh at you for being cheap, this is an easy way to save on tea bags. You can use a teabag 2-3 times!

If you’re planning to have more than one cup of tea, why not re-use the tea bag?

Here are more good reasons to reuse and recycle tea bags.


#4 – Hang Clothes Outside

This may not be for everyone for numerous reasons — such as high smog areas, or neighborhood covenants.  But if you don’t have these issues, drying your clothes outside will save you a great deal of money.

A good read: A Line in the Yard: The Battle Over the Right to Dry Outside


#5 – Reuse Aluminum Foil

Simply clean it off and fold it up after each use.  When that piece of aluminum foil is no longer good to use for food, it can be recycled.

Enjoy reading about 14 other ways to reuse aluminum foil.


#6 – Grow A Garden

You can save a great deal of money by growing your own food.  While it’s not the easiest thing to do, the money savings and nutritious organic food will be well worth it in the end.

Canning is a great hobby and time and money-saver for busy families. Consider swapping cans with friends and neighbors and save even more money!

Here’s another good read: Depression Era Gardening

Add Grandma’s tips to these from the world’s most frugal mom and you’ll be an expert:


More Great Tips From Grandma

Check out these money-saving tips from the 1950s to be reminded of good habits worth considering, such as storing your batteries in the refrigerator, and lowering the thermostat.

Grandmother's really know how to save money and offer great tips. Photo by bmcquirk on Flickr.

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