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Frugal Party Planning Tips For Holidays, Birthdays & More

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By Andrea

party-event-by-spakattacks.jpg Living a frugal life can teach you ways to live simply and give you new ideas about how to have fun.

Still, nothing says fun like inviting over your family and friends for a party.

A good party can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand or so, but there is no reason to put off your fun.

Here are some ideas for frugal party planning, no matter what the occasion…


For starters, check out these tips for saving money while throwing a party.  Some of the ideas include throwing a party late in the season when paper goods are already on sale, and having people bring side dishes.

Here are some tips for frugal birthday party planning.  They include enlisting the help of others and beginning your planning far in advance — so you can take advantage of clearance sales.

Check out these ideas for parties that will keep the bulk of your money in your wallet.  The article talks about reusing party supplies, and sticking to cake, soda, ice cream, pinata and games. Other ideas include soliciting donations or borrowing party supplies, and other creative ideas.

These 10 frugal but fabulous holiday party ideas show you how to have a glamorous holiday party that will look like you spent a fortune, when you didn’t.  The ideas include easily affordable food choices, as well as tips for creating invitations and establishing a party atmosphere.

And don’t forget… F is for frugal holiday entertaining.  The ideas here include using online invitations, using your own plates and silverware, and providing activities such as holiday decorating and caroling at your holiday party.

Of all these frugal party planning tips and ideas, my favorites (and the ones that I use most) are:

  • Use my own silverware and plates.  I always purchase white dishes, and while they may not be identical, they match.  I also purchase simple silverware whenever I find it on clearance. That way, I always have settings for at least 20 people.
  • Have everyone bring a dish.  People like sharing their favorite dishes, and by asking them to do so you remove the mystery of what they should (or shouldn’t) bring.  As the host, I usually provide the meat and let the guests do the rest.
  • Keep the decorating simple.  A clean house, seasonal decorations, and lots of candlelight are all it really takes to make a home festive for an adult party.  For a children’s party, replace the candles with balloons.