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A Fun Magazine Swap… You Never Know Where You Might Find One!

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By Andrea

magazines_distributed.jpg While I find I am truly gifted at squeezing blood from a proverbial stone, I have one major weakness.  I love magazines. 

I have a couple of subscriptions, usually purchased through neighborhood kids at a discount.  I also hear Woman’s World and First calling my name whenever I am in the grocery aisle.  I have no self-control over my magazine habit.  That is, until now. 

What’s A Magazine Swap?
I walked into a dollar store the other day to purchase Silly String for a party my kids were going to.  On the counter next to the register, I saw a basket of magazines.  There was a sign on the front of the basket that said "Trade Magazines or borrow one and return it later." 

I looked at the clerk and motioned to the magazine basket.  "Is this for real?" I asked.  "Sure," he said.  He continued, "If you don’t have a trade now, bring it back the next time you stop by." 

Therefore, I took a very tempting Traditional Home magazine that — while it was 6 months old — has made interesting reading. 

Thanks to this magazine swap, I saved several dollars that I would have spent purchasing a similar magazine in the supermarket.  Since I am in that area where the swap is once a month, I will now make it a point to put magazines I am tired of in my car to trade. 

Make Your Own Fun Magazine Swap

While your local dollar store may not have a basket for magazine swaps, you could set up a similar swap at some of the places you frequent. 

Ask your drycleaner if you can place a basket for swapping magazines in their store.  Speak to your chiropractor about adding a magazine swap basket.  See if you can start a magazine swap in your church. 

If you feel uncomfortable asking the businesses you frequent to start a magazine swap, then consider making a magazine swap part of your next party or social meeting. Or just swap with a neighbor… it’s a great way to recycle magazines.

See… there are lots of fun ways to start a magazine swap!

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