Did An Item You Bought Recently Go On Sale?… How To Get Your Money Back

by Andrea

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A brand new website will help you get your money back if it goes on sale after you purchased it.  The site is called PriceProtectr (funny spelling and all).

How to get your money back on a sale item.

Here’s how it works…

Normally, it’s up to you to watch prices in the stores and sales fliers, to see if an item you’ve purchased has recently gone on sale. But Price Protectr keeps track of your purchases and makes it a cinch to get your money back.

The best part: PriceProtectr is free!

How It Works…

To be protected by this service, you need to of course sign up, download the tool bar, and submit the URL whenever you make an online purchase.  It works with in-store purchases too (see below).

The purchase protection provided by PriceProtectr covers you if the store you purchased from lowers the price.  Unfortunately, it does not match your price against what other retailer’s charge.  You can, however, use the site to do price comparisons before you make your purchases.

To get your money back for an online purchase, you need to follow the instructions given to you by priceprotectr.com, which varies, by store.  For an in-store purchase, you will need to got back to the store with your receipt and request a refund.

Other features that PriceProtectr provides to its members are retailer ratings, a blog that announces special deals and updates, and a deal page that can tell you where your money will be best spent on any particular day.

While I have not used this website yet, as I have placed a buying moratorium on wants and only purchase needs in discount stores, I see a good deal of value in the services that PriceProtectr provides.  I am not crazy about the idea of having another toolbar on my computer, but it just might be worth it.

And, if you shop with Amazon.com, there’s a similar site called Refund Please that provides a similar service. Check it out.