Tag You’re It … It’s Like One Big National Treasure Hunt!

by Lynnette

Bartering And Trading

You may recall, in a couple of earlier posts I wrote about passing on your books (in a FUN way) and passing on your old “stuff” (to locals who want working/non-working stuff for FREE).

Passing along your old treasures is a great way to declutter.

Yes, those were interesting, in and of themselves.

But, believe it or not, there are a couple of pass-along programs that are even MORE fun (and still FREE!)…


Fun Stuff You Can Use & Pass On

Here are some great not-for-profit, just-for-fun projects that you can get involved with, no matter WHERE you live…


#1 – PhotoTag

Here, cheap disposable cameras are placed randomly out & about in cities across the World, and the locations where they “show up” are tracked on this website.

According to the site: “PhotoTag is a small photography project and an ad hoc community formed through through the chance wanderings of transient disposable cameras.”

It gets even more interesting…
You’ve gotta read more about PhotoTag and how it came to be.

And don’t miss all the fun stats and actual photos from the cameras which have turned up!


#2 – Where’s George?

With all of the money that changes hands on a day-to-day basis, have you ever considered how quickly your dollar bills could end up in another state? …or even another COUNTRY?

Where’s George tracks U.S. currency by serial number, so you can follow your money as it travels from store to store, city to city, state to state, and beyond.

(I have personally participated in this one.)

Before you start thinking “this is just a waste of time”… or “those people have too much time on their hands”… or “just how meaningful could a project like this be?”… Check out all the news coverage that Where’s George? has received!

SOME people are having fun with it…

The idea was such a hit, that there are several “copycat” sites now doing the same thing, like Where Have I Been?

Both of these sites track your money in the same way:

  • You simply write the address of either website on your money.
  • Then, you enter the serial number of the bill into the website.
  • Then check back (or wait to be notified via e-mail) to see where your money REALLY goes after you spend it!


Summary: It’s Like A Nationwide Treasure Hunt!

These types of pass-along “tag, you’re it” activities remind me of another entertaining project (that involves a GPS) called Geocaching.

…And another form of Geocaching (but with pictures) called the Degree Confluence Project.

Watch for more about each of those in future posts here.

One interesting thing about these one-of-a-kind projects is the fact that you can anonymously e-mail the people who have been where you’ve been, taken a picture of something you saw, spent your money, read your book, etc. These websites serve as the “hub” for organizing new friendships and acquaintances — uniting people of similar interests whose lives have crossed similar paths. Ya gotta love that.