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Pass On Your Old Books… In A FUN Way!

Thanks to Froggie, I learned about a fun new way to pass your books onto fellow readers…

Here are great ways to pass along your old books.

Bookcrossing is such a cool idea that it won a Webby People’s Voice Award for both the “Community” and “Social/Networking” categories!

This creative form of passing on books began as a “labor of love” and grew into a fun, interactive means of community sharing and goodwill.

The idea is twofold:

  • pass on any book which you no longer wish to keep
  • be on the lookout for books lying around with unique ID’s inside the front coverIt’s FUN!

    To date, there are nearly 400,000 books floating around worldwide that have been passed along for others to read for FREE.

    Book Owners: Set Some Free
    If you have a book that you’re willing to send out into Bookcrossing Land, simply register that book with a BCID (for FREE), then leave your book in a fun or interesting location somewhere.

    Then, you will receive an e-mail every time someone finds your book… over and over again!

    Local Citizens: Look For The Books
    If you find a book with a BCID inside the front cover, simply enter the BCID number on the website so the book’s owner can see where their book ended up! Then, either read it or DON’t read it… but please continue the tradition of passing that book along for others to enjoy for FREE.

    Ready To Play Along?
    Even if you don’t have any books registered with the BCID yet, and you haven’t found any books with the BCID yet… it’s still VERY interesting to view the paths that individual books have travled through time — via the website.

    NOTE: If you sign up, I encourage you to mention Froggie’s referral code “Institches”, so she gets some props for spreading the word about this great program.