How To Send AND Receive Faxes …For FREE From Your Computer!

receive faxChances are, you’ll want to send (or receive) a fax or two this year. Right?

If you don’t do enough faxing to justify buying a fax machine and hooking up a separate fax line, here are your options:

  1. Use the fax machine at work (…not always convenient, or private).
  2. Use the faxing services available at places like FedEx/Kinkos (…for a fee).

Neither of the above options is very attractive if you just need to send a short fax to someone in a hurry.

There is a better alternative — and it’s FREE!


First, Why Online Faxing Services Aren’t Perfect

You may have heard about a number of different online faxing services that let you send OR receive faxes for free.

The catch: None of them permits free faxing both ways.

Either you can send for free or you can receive for free, but not both.

Good news!… Lee Seats at has done his homework and found the best options for sending and receiving faxes… for FREE!


Best FREE Online Faxing Services

All you need to do is use two free services, one to send your faxes and another to receive faxes. Lee Seats


#1  To RECEIVE incoming faxes without a fax machine… use eFax. I’ve used it for years. It’s simple and very quick.

When you sign-up for eFax (for FREE), you get your own “fax number.”

Whenever someone sends you a fax, it arrives in your inbox as an e-mail attachment!

The best thing about eFax:

  • It’s completely FREE for 30 days.
  • There’s no limit to the number of incoming faxes you can receive.
  • It shows up in your e-mail, which you already check regularly anyway.
  • There’s no need for a separate phone line just for faxing.
  • There are no “busy signals”.
  • You can organize all your faxes online.
  • It works instantly, seconds after you sign-up.
  • You get to choose a local or toll-free fax number.

Lee actually prefers to use FaxDigits (also FREE) for receiving faxes. When you use FaxDigits, faxes that others send you appear as a .pdf file in your email inbox. Like with eFax, there is no limit on the number of FREE faxes you can receive.


#2 – To SEND outgoing faxes without a fax machine… use FaxZero.

“FaxZero allows you to send a limited number of short faxes for free. At this writing you can send two faxes per day of up to three pages each. It may not be high volume, but it can come in handy when you need to get few pages faxed out. The free faxes have an advertisement on the cover page. There is no registration required and you can send faxes for free to anywhere in the US and Canada. Lee Seats

I haven’t tried FaxZero yet, but I look forward to trying it the next time I have to send a fax.

Another reputable computer guy who uses both eFax and FaxZero is Rick Broida from PC World. Here’s his review of eFax and FaxZero.


#3 – To SEND & RECEIVE faxes online — or from your smartphone — for free, these are also highly rated:

NOTE: One nice thing about these FREE online faxing services is that it doesn’t take long to sign up and start sending or receiving faxes. We’re talking a matter of minutes. So the next time you have to send or receive a fax, have no fear. Just sign up & go, without a lot of headache!

eFax - Fax with your Phone

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  • Killer

    Hey I just had to give my credit card for the 30 day trial of efax. You might want to mention it when you update your article

  • AC

    Jan 26, 2010….. still no way to sign up for faxdigits.
    Must be gone; no URL link possible

  • AC

    I just called efax as I only need to receive 2-3 faxes a month and never send any. I was told that their fax #s are temporary and can be withdrawn at any time. If you need stability, this won’t. Imagine upgrading your proposals and website whenever they recall your fax number

  • Email Fax Services

    I’ve tried eFax and they are a good service but then I switched to RingCentral because it had more features, including mobile phone services.

  • RobertF

    eFax is no longer free.

  • Tony
  • Jim

    We switched to Ring Central also – I got a toll free number along with a fax. Not free – but a great service.

    Free Trial of RingCentral Fax

  • TechnoGirl

    I have been using Superfax and it has made my office work smooth and convenient. Get a free trial at

  • Bullseye

    I would consider trying but I don’t subscribe to OPT OUT programs for a free trial.
    If I like a program and want to keep it I will give my credit card Number and OPT IN.
    Too much personal information floating around the Internet already.

  • Dave Lucas

    I swear by FaxZero!

  • guest

    I tried the efax service that was recommended above and it is terrible. Not only did the faxes not go through, they will bill you 16.95 after the first month! This service is not really free and since they have your credit card number, it is a pain to get out of. Do NOT sign up for this service!

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot of  money-tranfering services but the best I ever used was my local postal service. They offered me great essay help and quick assistance.

  • Una Dagger

    Apparently, this website doesn’t understand what “free” means.  A monthly membership fee is not “free”.

  • Guest seems to be out of business.  I couldn’t find anything about them or even a cache from google.  This article doesn’t enable you to receive faxes for free.  It’s not the articles fault though, it looks like there is simply no free service left out there.  Why do people use fax machines anymore?  That’s my question.

    • Pppp

      The answer to your question is, people are  no longer using home phone service. Mobile is all that I use. All  my co-workers are wireless as well. I’m just looking for the same freedom when faxing.

      • guest

        “efax free”  (not efax plus free) is completely free to receive faxes, and they dont ask for a credit card.

        • guest

          only free for 30 days

  • Das

    Not free at all, you fucking moron.

  • Amount

    Free? They want the credit card number before I get something “free” The USA is so full of crap deceit and ripoffs it is almost entertaining.

    • Your Dumb

      Deal with China, Africa, Mexico, and many other countries then if you think they will be “more honest” in your eyes.


      Learn to read and realize that its free for the first month which is why they want your credit card number because after the first month you gotta pay.

      Funny how reading terms and conditions, trial offer requirements, etc. simply elude people.

      I dont care either way for any of these Companies and they all might be crappy ripoffs but dont hate on the USA because you cant read.

      • there is no cure for stupid

        I think maybe you should learn to comprehend, which is different from reading. When you do learn, you’ll also learn that free and free for a month aren’t exactly the same thing. Got it, sport?!

  • Amount

    Did you ever try to cancel a credit card on file and the billing stopped as promised?  Welcome to America

  • Gophuckusef

    You stupid fuck, Free Trial is NOT the same as free.  Who wants to have to sign up with different Email address every 30 days?

  • Embrycreations

    At there is a nice chart that shows the top online fax services. For just a few bucks a month you get your own fax number as well and these plans let you receive AND send faxes 😉

  • Libs just dont get it.

    SCAM.  You still have to give your credit card for the “free trial”.

    • Lldanzo

      Try oneSuite fax

  • guest

    30 day free tial ain’t free

  • KeepAGoodManDown2012

    I used efax *FREE* services forever–just checked my Gmail…signed up with them in 2005 they cut me off in 2010—The deal was I could only RECEIVE  10-faxes a month (Personal use)—no big deal..I’d go MONTHS without using it. Then in 2010. I went over by a total of TWO, TWO faxes and they suspended my account…guess they were looking for an Excuse….I found it pretty reliable—-but still yanks my chain I NEVER abused the service and the one month I go over by TWO faxes…I’m suspended for LIFE…will DEFINITELY NEVER give EFAX my business….lots cheaper sites…..
    My friend uses and seems to like it…

    • bidawi

      Same here. Suspended and lost my FAX number for going over the 10 pages per month. I did not even remember this rule when I signed up many years ago. It may be a new rule that slipped by. The whole idea is to get people to sign up for the $17/month service. I rarely use it and will never do business with such a company. Take that number and …

  • Oceanpro Aquatics

    Not a scam but unfortunitly out dated information (or they saw this post as well). eFax now does charge for both incomming and outgoing faxes, faxdigits no longer exists and is now just a referal page and Faxzero puts advertisements on all cover sheets unless you pay.

    I appreciate the effort of this post but sadly enough, none of these sites are helpful any longer.

  • Brad R

    Check out there are no daily fax limits or page limits and they support more file formats than most other paid and free sites.

  • Phyllis Smith

    Here’s a good one that’s Totally FREE and they don’t put any ads on your faxes. Be sure and read the FAQs for extra tips on options.

    • Marilyn

      Used it today, Only problem I have is if I scan a document I have to change/copy and paste it to a MS word document for faxing……

      • FaxNgo

        Not in our case – with our unique office plugin, you can send directly from a word document. Check it out:

  • Chris

    Free Service – and 30 Days free are two different things.

  • Jim J

    I use Free Online Fax Number. They give you a free inbound toll-free fax number with up to 20 pages of send/receive per month. They also permit free sending. This is the only service I have found which gives you a free inbound number. It is not a trial service or anything, its permanently free.

  • Jim J

    I use Free Online Fax Number. They give you a free inbound toll free fax number plus free outbound faxing. No other online provider is totally free (most are a free trial) and the free services only offer sending. The only downside is they have a limit of 20 pages per month.

  • Art L

    eFax is NOT free. It’s $16.95 per month. (Only the first 30 days are free.)

  • Lori Johnson

    Lynnette thank you so much for this info!

  • Nini Sterling

    This is not free, it’s a trial. Are there truly any free online faxing services online where I can create a fax number?

    • angelena

      free to send total 5- 3page faxes a day
      free to receive faxes receive 20 pages ( maybe 50 ) a month, MUST RECEIVE AT LEAST 1 FAX EVERY 7 DAYS, so send yourself a fax once a week

    • alan saltz

      FaxBurner – lets you receive 25 pages per month free. You can send 5 pages free total. Free send and receive!

  • user12345

    FaxDigits link is not working!

  • Hector Delgado

    There is also that allows to send unlimited free faxes, but for more formal documents I would recommend Popfax:, they have a free trial period as well.

  • Kathy

    This post contains useful information. As for me I don’t know how to use fax machine. By the way, valuable essay help is offered to students. Skilled writers will create perfect works on different topics.

  • jorge

    I can also recommend Online Fax Services from Popfax:
    It it cheaper compare with the other fax providers, for only 0.04GBP per page, and the received faxes are totally free of charge.

  • Xfive

    Every site I have seen in the comments has a monthly fee so I guess people are saying I want to get paid …no free stuff anymore the us is cracking down making it harder to get stuff for free. Prices are going up and it is Getting out of hand.

  • Robin Bob

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  • Marilyn Black

    You know, essay writing is not always easy. If you need some help, click here for essay writing service

  • dimples

    i really would recommend! i just used it a few min ago..i prefer them over efax any day of the week!!

  • FaxNgo

    Lynnette – great review and thanks for mentioning us! BTW, our latest update enables you to both send and receive faxes for free – no obligation or credit card required, all it takes is an email to get started. For whenever you need to Fax, we’ve got you covered.Check it out >>

  • Nicole Jefferson

    I also prefer online faxing compare with the original fax machine. I signed with Popfax and I am pretty happy with them, the service is fast, highly reliable and very professional.