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How To Find The Best Bargains At Dollar Stores & Leave The Duds Behind

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By Andrea

dollar-store-by-jc-westbrook.jpg Some people wouldn’t be caught dead shopping in dollar stores. But if you haven’t visited a dollar store recently to purchase household goods, snacks, and gifts, you are truly missing out on something special.

In a pinch, you can make your grocery bill (and even your health and beauty item budget) go a lot farther than it would at the grocery store and pharmacy.

The dollar store closest to my home recently added a freezer section that holds pot pies, ice cream sandwiches, and frozen dinner meals. So now I can find even more great food deals than usual.

Here are some great ways to get the best bargains when you’re shopping at dollar stores…

My Best Tips For Finding Dollar Store Bargains

#1  Don’t buy anything at the dollar store that you can get for 79-cents in the supermarket.

For example, I often see Suave shampoo for less than $1 in other stores, so I like to stock up whenever I find it cheaper.

I only buy Suave shampoo at the dollar store when I can’t get a better deal somewhere else.

#2  Inferior quality sometimes makes dollar store items not worth it.

For example, paper plates need to at least be able to hold a sandwich without collapsing.  If you can squeeze a roll of toilet paper flat with 2 fingers, then you probably shouldn’t buy it.  Kitchen utensils must be stainless steel in order for me to buy them.  Be careful not to buy anything that will rust.

#3  Closely examine deals that seem too good to be true.

For example, I recently came across a large bag of brand-name t-shirts at the dollar store, and threw a bunch into my cart.  Before purchasing them, I decided to inspect them more closely and I found that 80% of the shirts had holes in them.

Dollar Store Shopping Tips From Others

5 Tips For Shopping At The Dollar Stores – see how to save money and how to shop for only the best things that dollar stores have to offer.  My favorite tips are:

  • Shopping right after new shipments come in.
  • Not buying toys that fall apart when you get home.

Top 10 Dollar Store Deals – these are the items that should always be on your dollar store shopping list, because you will seldom find them at a lower price elsewhere.  I definitely concur that these things are the best bargains at dollar stores:

  • cleaning products
  • movie theater candy
  • bath and beauty items
  • gift wrap
  • children’s books
  • food containers

8 Surprising Dollar Store Steals
– See examples of ways to save a small fortune on one trip to the dollar store like:

  • office supplies
  • gifts
  • crafts
  • beauty supplies
  • socks


12 Dollar Store Deals – no 2 dollar stores are the same, so remember to visit more than one to find deals on these things:

  • spices
  • greeting cards
  • party supplies
  • household cleaners
  • kitchen utensils
  • candles
  • picture frames


Top 10 Dollar Store Bargains – items that even Walmart and Costco can’t compete with for price, including:

  • hand soap
  • toothbrushes
  • garbage bags
  • lip balm
  • dental floss
  • freezer bags
  • cotton balls


No, You Can’t Find Everything At The Dollar Store

Unfortunately, some of the items that used to be available at dollar stores are being phased out due to increasing prices.

Dollar stores are feeling the pinch.  Items such as motor oil and Tic Tacs have been priced out of the dollar stores’ reach.  In fact, even the 99-cent stores have raised their prices to 99.99-cents, which of course, rounds up to a dollar.

In my opinion, the dollar store should definitely be part of your regular shopping routine.  I find that between the dollar store and Aldi’s, I can get most of what my family needs to hold us until my monthly supermarket coupon bonanza shopping spree.

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