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5 Fun Ways To Donate Free Stuff & Feel Good About Giving It Away

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By Andrea

donate-free-stuff-like-this-by-inhisgrace.jpg If you are disappointed that your ability to give out donations has decreased in recent years, here’s a fun idea that you might want to consider… 

You can still give away items of value without them costing you a cent! 

One thing that I’ve learned firsthand is while it’s definitely fun to get free stuff, it can be even more fun to give away items that you got for free.

So, you may be asking, "Why would you want to donate free stuff that you worked so hard for?" 


Well, try these on for size…

1. Did you ever think of
giving away items for FREE at your yard sales

If you do, not only will your garage sales attract quite a crowd, but you will also increase your sales a little — as a result of having more traffic and pricing the rest of your items reasonably.

2. Do you enjoy the challenge of the hunt?
Have you tried geocaching yet?

It’s part treasure hunt, part sport where you search for hidden caches. These caches sometimes contain quality free stuff. If you try geocaching, it’s a great way to give away fun stuff that you got for free. And with the caches that you find, you can take what you want and what you cannot use, you can re-cache or give away to people who can use it.  

3. Do you know of a daycare center, church nursery, or other organization that can use free stuff?

You don’t have to go out and buy new and expensive items to help these organizations. You can get some things free from garage sales and neighbors.  

And you don’t have to give away items in excellent condition either. For example, old shoes are gladly accepted at Soles4Souls. If you run out of your own shoes to donate, a quick email to family members and friends will net you plenty of shoes worth donating!

4. Freecycle helps you give away items they don’t need and get items you do need… for free. 

It’s like no-pressure trading. While the idea is not to horde items to give away for donations, if you know of a legitimate need, it doesn’t hurt to ask. 


5. The list is endless!

If your usual charities are not too crazy about donated items and prefer cash instead (that you don’t have), there are still other organizations that will gladly take item donations: