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Fun With Money: How To Track Your Dollar Bills

Funny money... doodling on a five dollar bill by giving Abe Lincoln some big hair. If you can’t have a little fun with money, then what good is it… Right?

Here are some fun sites to divert your attention from all the spending that you’ve probably been doing, and give you something FUN to do with your money for a change.

It’s FREE. It’s FUN. And it’s truly AMAZING when you realize how far your money has traveled… and how quickly!

There are a handful of websites that track U.S. currency by serial number, so you can follow your money as it travels from store to store, city to city, and state to state.

This one-of-a-kind interactive project has been called The Great American Dollar Bill Locater, because it makes it possible to track U.S. paper currency all across the country… and beyond!

First, check out all the stuff that people write on money!

Here’s How To Track Your Money:

1. You just write the address of either website (below) on your money.
2. Next, enter the serial number of that bill into the website’s database.
3. Then, spend your money just like usual.
4. Finally, check back (or wait to be notified via e-mail) to see where your money really goes after you spend it.

Let the fun begin!…

Where’s George?

Where Have I Been?

Where’s Willy?

According to Violetbon: “I’ve been a Georger for a couple of years, and it’s pretty cool. If you really explore the site, they have a lot of interesting trivia about U.S. Currency. You can also build your own profile page with maps of where your bills have been spotted.”