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It's easy to watch free movies & TV shows online! Here's how to get rid of cable and watch everything for FREE! The top 11 free online movie streaming sites


Watching movies just got a whole lot more affordable with these tips for saving money on movie tickets and movie rentals.

Here's a HUGE list of items which have been dramatically marked down lately because of the economy and current recession woes. Now might be a good time to take advantage of these things.

Our 42-inch Philips flat panel TV cost $1,400. We love it. Now, I'm finding several 42-inch widescreen TVs appearing in the 2007 Black Friday sales fliers, and I'm jealous. The prices are about half of what we paid just 3 months ago.

This will be the third year now that I've had my eye on Black Friday sales. Each year, a handful of REALLY 'hot' items seem to make their way to the top and attract all of the media's attention... and the consumers'. Wondering what the hottest items are this year???

Looking for a good deal? Maybe a gift for someone else... or yourself? Here are the Top 5 best deals to be found on Black Friday 2006.