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I can prove that you don't have to have a large family to save money bulk shopping. Grab a friend. Make a joint shopping list. Then split the costs and the membership fee!

Do you use apps to save money? Me too. How about using shopping apps that make you money? These are the best money making apps you can download for free on your phone.

Love freebies? (Me too!) There are lots of FREE offers on name-brand items that I use every day. Here are some of my favorites, and the best ways to get them.

We didn't renew our Sam's Club membership. Now we're Costco members. Sams vs Costco - which is better? Our review + Secret tips for saving money at Costco!

If you want to sell vintage jewelry & get the most money for it, you need to get the jewelry appraised, know how to market it, and find the best way to sell it!

Hit the thrift stores, ditch excessive gift wrapping, make your own holiday cards, and host a potluck party - all great you can enjoy Christmas on a budget this year!

Furniture recycling isn't a new concept but "furniture upcycling" is. Interested in saving money like me by buying recycled furniture? Start upcycling!

A prepaid credit card is a safer way to shop, travel oversees & teach your teens about finances. Plus you can save a lot of money using prepaid credit cards

Spending too much money on items you use everyday? Consider online shopping, buy generics, plus 3 more savvy tips on how to save money on household items.