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Smartphones may be expensive, but they can definitely pay for themselves if you download these money saving phone apps. 7 easy ways to start saving today!

If you buy groceries online you'll save a lot of hassle, find items that aren't in stores, get exactly what you need & save the planet all at the same time!

Airline pricing glitches occur several times a year. Here's how you can be one of the lucky ones and find a really great deal on cheap airline tickets!

Hosting a clothes swap party! photo by sfllaw on Flickr

Here are some great tips for planning your own FREE clothes swap party, plus fun ideas to make your clothing swap party lots of fun... and unique!

Online bartering is VERY popular right now! Here's what you need to know when it comes to exchanging goods or services with others who want to trade things online.

Check out these websites that you can visit before you go to the grocery store! They'll help you save money.

How much do you know about barter websites? I've got inside information on 2 popular personal trading websites and business trade websites just for newbies (and those who need some tips)!

CostHelper tells you how much you should pay for what. The site consists of a database of hundreds of items, where you can investigate how much others are paying and find similar deals. is a website that enables you to give monetary donations to charity WITHOUT taking any money out of your own pocket.