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Fun Money Links Worth Sharing

Like most writers, I’m finding that I only have the time to research & write about half the great topics I’d like to share with readers here on The Fun Times Guide.

Here are some really great money saving sites worth mentioning.

Recently, I’ve decided there are just too many good links out there to not share — even if I don’t have the time to add my $.02 about each of them in detail.

So, in an effort to get these great links to you right away, I hope you enjoy this first installment of “Fun Links Worth Sharing”.

Here are some great links worth passing on to others…

Fun Link #1: Tax Preparation Software Comparisons & Reviews
It’s not too late! You have until April 17th this year to get your taxes filed. This article shows the pros & cons of the most popular tax filing software programs including: TurboTax (Intuit), TaxCut (H&R Block),, CompleteTax,, and

From the author JSPeer: “I figured I would end up comparing them anyway for my own personal use, so why not let others benefit. What I didn’t realize was that all the companies I reviewed, including the big ones (TurboTax and TaxCut) would have some strange incompetency to communicate features and benefits in a clear, concise manner. I spent hours trolling and searching deep through these sites looking for clarification on such basic things as pricing and major benefits. Even information such as which products include state tax preparation in addition to federal was hard to find. Well, I’m happy to say I’m done with my research and can now share the fruits.”

[Bravo!… Thanks for sharing, JSPeer!]

Fun Link #2: The Geek’s Guide To Getting Almost Anything For Free

This one is similar to an article I wrote. Mine has always been popular and gets updated regularly, but this new Geek’s Guide takes it a step farther by giving you lots more great places to look for fun free stuff!

Fun Link #3: A funny video
…And you think you’ve got financial troubles!

Fun Link #4: How To Be A Curious Photographer
Want more interesting photos?… Check out these great tips. My favorites:

“Ask “what if?…”

“Put disconnected ideas together.”

“Go with the flow.”

“Slow down.”

…to which I would add: “Just try new things!”

Fun Link #5: The Most Unusual Auction Sales of 2006

From the article: “…baby Suri Cruise’s bronzed first poop, Britney Spears’ half-eaten egg salad sandwich (K-Fed’s corndog included as a value-added bonus) and perhaps most disgustingly — and, though of course this is a matter of opinion, our personal favorite — William Shatner’s kidney stone, which sold for a mere $25,000.”

[View photos of the top items here.]

Fun Link #6: Words of Wisdom From A Target Store Plastic Bag
For even more great things to do with plastic bags, check out The Fun Times Guide To Living Green. (Oh, and here are 10 Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags… don’t miss all the comments!)

Fun Link #7: How Products Are Made
Everything under the sun from A to Z is covered here!

Fun Link #8: 10 Hair Care Product Myths That Drain Your Wallet

My favorites: “Damaged hair cannot be repaired because hair is dead, so don’t spend money on expensive products that claim to repair your hair.” and “There is no difference in the quality of the hair dye that you buy in a box at the drugstore for $10 and the hair dye used in salons.”