Freebies & Giveaways ~ How To Get Free Stuff That ROCKS!

by Andrea

Free Stuff

If you like to get free stuff (…and who doesn’t?!), the following are some of the best ways to find lots of incredible things for free.

Since companies are well aware of the fact that consumers like to get free stuff, they frequently offer something for free — you just need to know where to look!

free stuff

For example, many companies coordinate their freebies with 3rd-party organizations who conduct online surveys for them, or gather other information for them prior to giving the freebies away.  Other companies make their free offers widely known on their websites.

In the end, you just need to know where to look — and how to ask — in order to get free stuff that you and your family will truly appreciate.

I’ve gotten lots of free stuff! Here’s what has worked for me…

How To Find Free Stuff Online

The best freebie websites are the most selective ones that don’t allow just anyone to post free offers.

Instead, they screen each offer to protect freebie shoppers.

The best sites are also the ones that require you to do the most work (like filling out each order from separately).

What you have to remember when looking for freebie sites is the fact that quality over quantity is what really matters most.

Some of the best websites to find legit freebies are:

How To Find Free Stuff Offline

To get free samples of items that you already use and like, your best bet is to bypass snail mail and use the telephone instead.use the telephone to find free stuff and get free samples

Look up the phone number for the company and give them some honest feedback about the product(s) you’ve used.  Chances are, they will send you coupons for free samples.

I have been most successful when I called about a product that was inferior — such as when my Ritz crackers were crumbly instead of whole.  The Nabisco rep thanked me for alerting them to the inferior batch and gave me coupons for 5 more boxes of Ritz crackers.

The squeaky wheel definitely gets the most grease! This also works in restaurants.

If you have a legitimate complaint and speak to the manager about it, your meal will very likely be free, greatly reduced, or you will get a coupon for your next visit.

I never leave a restaurant unhappy — even when my meal was horrible.  (Don’t overdo it though. This should only be reserved for those rare occasions when you are genuinely unhappy with your meal.)

Find Free Stuff By Asking For It

Perhaps the easiest way to get free stuff is to simply ask for donations.

The catch is that this free stuff cannot be for your own personal use.  Instead, it must be used on behalf of a not-for-profit organization.

I regularly get free groceries, food platters, decorations, and arts & crafts supplies from local stores on behalf of my church, my kids’ drama clubs, and other organizations.

Just by asking and following their instructions via a special request letter, the freebies are virtually endless.

How One Guy Got A Lot Of Free Stuff

One of the best examples for getting free stuff that might be worth replicating yourself is Tom Locke’s $39 experiment.

Tom was sitting around one day looking through his bills when he glanced at a $39 roll of stamps and thought, “$39 for a roll of stamps?  Geez… You can’t get much for $39 nowadays.  Or can you…?”

That’s exactly how Tom’s $39 experiment began.

Tom Locke is a self-proclaimed “average guy.” He bought a roll of 100 stamps (back when they were only 39-cents apiece) and wrote to 100 companies asking for free stuff. He then chronicled his experience on his blog, where he listed everyone who sent him free stuff, those who did not, and who simply didn’t respond at all.

He also posted each and every letter that he sent.  So, if you’re thinking about doing the same thing, you’ll have samples of what to say.

In the end, Tom received $272 worth of items from his $39 experiment. For the stuff he got for free but didn’t need, he held an eBay charity auction.  He also compiled a summary of all the lessons that he learned from his experiment.

We Know Even More Ways To Get Free Stuff

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